5 Months of Mabel!

Miss Mabel is 5 months old! She continues her reign as the happiest, most wonderful, sweetest baby girl that there ever was. She makes our days so happy and so much fun. There just isn’t much like a baby in the house! This month has been filled with all sorts of things, so let’s see what Mabesy has been up to this month!

I’m not sure how much she has grown since her 4 month appointment, but she is solidly filling out her 6-9(or 6-12 depending on the brand) clothes and her size 3 diapers. This month we finally hit the point where Abigail’s hand me downs won’t really work anymore because they were born in completely opposite seasons. All of the clothes Abigail had are tiny lightweight dresses and rompers, things that won’t work for the winter! But, I never complain about a chance to shop for the girls 😉

Mabel’s hair is growing more, her eyes are getting darker, her “stork bite” and hemangioma are still present, but fade or darken depending on the day and her mood.

She discovered her toes this month! She loves pulling up her feet and toes to her mouth, rolling from her belly to her back, is sooooo close to rolling from her back to her belly, and sitting like a big girl in her bumbo seat.

She’s definitely working on teeth, though nothing has broken through yet! She nurses every 3 hours around the clock and has yet to “sleep through the night”. We’ve had a random night here or there where she slept an extra hour or so, but for the most part, she wakes up and eats quickly and then goes back down.

We still swaddle her, she uses her favorite orange paci, we turn on her giraffe, and during the night I have put her back in the Rock N Play for night time sleep. (During the day for her naps, she uses the crib)

This little girl is a NIGHT OWL. She naps like a champ throughout the day, she’ll sleep in her car seat, or the wrap, or her crib. But come night time, if I try to put her down she is like OH NO YOU DONT. Throughout the day, she is ready to lay down after being awake for about an hour or so. At night? She’ll be awake for 2, 3, sometimes 4 hours straight absolutely refusing to give it  up and go to sleep. So, we put Abigail to bed, swaddle Mabel, plop her in the rock n play, and she just hangs out with Jim and I while we watch a show or go about our night time routine. Crazy baby.

Other than going to bed at night, we have yet to find anything Mabel doesn’t like. She loves baths, any toy we give her, her family, smiling, tickles, snuggles, or being laid down, her bumbo, her car seat, the solly wrap, trying to watch tv, face timing her grandmas, and of course, little girl loves her milk.

I think it’s probably a three way tie between Mom, Dad, and Abigail over who her favorite person is, but she loves it when Abigail plays with her and never cares how rough or crazy she is with her. She just smiles and lights up whenever big sis is around.

This month Mabel has gone to the Kansas City Zoo, Grandma Jenny and Grandpa Monty’s house, a wedding, Abigail’s dance classes, Daddy’s baseball games, and all sorts of other fun day to day activities.

As always, every month just gets better and better! We are constantly getting comments on how sweet and happy Mabel is, and that couldn’t be any more true. We just absolutely adore our Mabesy girl and can’t imagine our family without her!

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  1. Love, love, LOVE that big ol' grin she has for her sister. Just the sweetest! Happy 5 months, precious Mabel! All these sweet babies hitting milestones lately – it was so fun to all be pregnant together, and now it's so fun to watch all of our babies growing together!!!

  2. The cheeks, the grin, I just want to eat her up!
    Rolling? Rolling? No, no, too soon. Right?!
    Julia is the same when it comes to bed time. Naps? Sure, all the live long day! Bed time? HA! HA! HA!

  3. She's precious!! I love her little personality. I'm sorry to hear you've got to go shopping for this cute girl – how will you ever limit yourself because she looks cute in everything and in every color?!?! That a great problem to have Miss Mabel. Olive saw her picture and said Awwww sweet baby. Wish we could snuggle your little night owl 🙂

  4. I love her! He is so cute! It's so fun to read about how she is doing [and what she is doing] since she's just one month older than Oliver. It gives me things to look forward to with him. ha 🙂 How do you get her to nap during the day?! Oliver practically refuses to nap for longer than 20 minutes and when he does it'a only after I rock him for a half hour. Babies… He loves to stay up late at night too and pretty much refuses to go to bed before 9:30 or 10. Silly boy. It sounds like she is a lot like Oliver in many ways – one of which is trying to watch tv. ha. 🙂

  5. She always looks so happy; I love her! I sorta wish Finn was more of a night owl because he wants to go to bed promptly at 7pm, and I'm all… When will you get a bath? Do you want to participate in bedtime stories? Dinner? It's crazy, he misses out on a lot!

  6. What is the brand of the pacifier Mabel uses? I've tried a few different ones for my nursing babe and she won't take any so far.

  7. She's an absolute doll!!! Lily was a night owl too. I remember my husband and I thinking she was possessed or something because every time we thought she was asleep her eyes would ping wise open. Ben on the other hand? No later than 630 every night! So wild. Does she at least sleep in for you?

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