Baby Spena Week 31

And things just keep blazing right along! I’ve moved right into the 30’s, I passed my glucose test with flying colors(yay!), I am NOT anemic this time around(I was with Abigail, and borderline with Mabel), AND still have five pounds to go before I hit my ending weight with Mabel. Sooooo maybe the end of this pregnancy will be the best one yet 😉

CUTEST tee c/o Jojo Maman Bebe

This weeks stats!

Symptoms: Lots of trips to the bathroom, occasional headaches, occasional heartburn…..mostly just feeling like I’m going to spontaneously combust from the heat :p

Weight Gain: Up another pound, bringing me to +25 so far. I’m hoping these last few weeks don’t pack on many more pounds(except to Finn!) but we shall see.

Cravings: Really weird, un Courtney like things! My favorites have NOT tasted good lately- chocolate chips, my favorite popcorn, french fries- my usual salty snacks are not appetizing to me at all right now. But, apparently I’m super into sweet? Popsicles, starburst, fruit flavored candy- especially lemon flavored- are totally my jam right now.

Size Of Baby: A coconut! 3 1/3 lbs, 16 or so inches long and my app says- heading into a growth spurt. yay!

At my appointment yesterday, he was still head down(he has been for weeks now) with his chest on the left side and arms and legs over to the right. Now I have a *slightly* better idea of what’s jabbing me(and his sisters and his dad) all the time.

Movement: Definitely a mover and a shaker! I feel like he moves all of the time. 99% of the time I don’t mind at all, but sometimes it’s just like OKAY MAN, WE GET IT.

Sleep: Sleeping good! My snoogle is my lifesaver. Every morning when I wake up I have one super painful low back crack and then it’s gone and I’m good to go(once I go to the bathroom of course)

Clothing: I’m showing off two of my new PinkBlush tops in these pictures! The navy ruffle and the ivory tunic are two amazing additions to my closet- they fit me now, but I’m really hoping they will be flattering and comfy to use postpartum as well(because yes, I’m already thinking about how in the world will I get dressed in those coming days…)

I have another few new pieces from PinkBlush headed my way again, some leggings(bless it forever), a knit kimono that has me all kinds of starry eyed for fall and nursing and coziness, and a hospital delivery robe! That’s something I never had with the girls so I’m excited to have something pretty and special to take with me in my bag for the day or two after he is born. And I can’t wait to show you them once they get here!

Purchases: I think the only Finn purchase I have made recently are for some paci clips! I never used these for the girls, but I’ve been looking for fun little accessories to jazz up his outfits with(it’s so hard to not have a bow/headband to accessorize with!) so I’m really excited about these adorable Loved By Sophia Claire pacifier clips.

You know I had to get a variety of colors to match his outfits- and I HAD to get a red one so that he is ready for CHIEFS season this fall!

It was perfect timing that I ordered those too, because the Chicco team just sent Finn over a goodie box filled with a bottle set, an adorable teether, and PACIS! Mabel liked to think they were sent just for her, but luckily, they were well sealed and I was able to keep her from swiping them from little brother before he even gets here 😉

Would you look at that! A nursery sneak peek! The accent wall is done, the walls are painted, almost all of the furniture is moved back in, the rug is down, the lighting is installed! All we really have to do is paint his crib, install his closet doors, and hang some wall art. Yay!

Looking Forward To: All of our trips and things are done now and I have intentionally left August and September pretty free and clear of commitments(other than starting school- obviously!) just so that we can have the time, just the four of us, to savor the last of summer, finish up our loose ends and projects, and have the freedom to go and do fun and silly little family things(like the circus tonight!) before the little guy joins us. That’s just my speed 🙂

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  1. Glad to hear that you and Finn are doing so well!! Maybe you’ll end up craving bananas by the end of this pregnancy haha 🙂 All of your sweet things sound delicious and I love finding little boy accessories. Cute shoes, fun prints to pattern mix and I’m still trying to work on getting Fletcher to wear hats. They’re so cute on, but he just tosses them to the side. Silly boy!

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