Growing Up With Goldfish® Crackers

Goldfish® crackers have been Miss Abigail’s very favorite snack for years now. They have always come everywhere with me- in my purse or in my diaper bag. In the car, to the backyard or to church. Running errands or for a quick and delicious snack at home. Wherever we go together, Goldfish® crackers are with us!

It is absolutely mind boggling to me that my baby girl is heading into 2nd(SECOND!!!) grade this year. Even just taking and looking at these pictures made me stop and tear up a bit at just how much she has grown already and how quickly she is still growing.

She is becoming such a little lady. Full of ideas, endless stories(so, so many words), big dreams, and more.

This summer she has really soared on taking off on her own with reading(even though she still prefers to be read to!) and you can find her of an afternoon in the sun room or in her bedroom flipping through one of her latest book acquisitions. (The Mercy Watson books are a particular favorite right now!)
But even though she is growing so much, so quickly, one thing she hasn’t outgrown, is her love of Goldfish® snack crackers!
Every afternoon snack time consists of a small bowl of her very favorite cracker- (you guessed it!) Goldfish®!
They’re easy to pour, easy to snack, and never leave a mess. They’re Abigail AND Courtney approved 😉
Goldfish® crackers are always baked with real cheese and have absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives. I’m so glad to have a snack like Goldfish® crackers because I can always feel good about serving them to Miss Abigail(or letting her get them herself!)

If you are interested in finding out more about Goldfish® snack crackers and ideas for more family fun, you can click the link right HERE!


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  1. Goldfish are a staple in our house for sure!! It is the one thing my little one will always eat no matter what 🙂

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