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Park Life

It seems that spring has come incredibly early to Missouri and minus the enormous mosquitoes, flies, and bees I’ve already seen flying around, we couldn’t be happier about it!
On Saturday we took our very first walk around the neighborhood with two little girls happily riding in our red wagon. On Sunday afternoon, we decided to walk to our neighborhood park and give it a try for the very first time! Miss Abigail rode her bicycle and Miss Mabel rode in the stroller.

The weather was gorgeous and the views were wonderful. We just love our new neighborhood(excepting a few ginormous hills that were a total bear to walk up and down)!

This new park had all sorts of crazy fun things to do! On top of a regular playground there were ropes to climb, whirligig’s to ride, baby swings, grown up swings, and even a tennis court.

A few other fun things from this particular trip to the park was Abigail’s very first time using a fireman’s pole all by herself(over and over!) and Mabel’s first time down the slide with Daddy!

As I mentioned earlier this year, I’m trying a lot harder to use my DSLR instead of just my cell phone to capture pictures, and looking back at these- from just a small trip to the park! I’m so happy that I brought it along with me and am definitely encouraged to continue to bring it with me more and more.

We are so happy in our new town and our new neighborhood and our new home- and now our new closest park!

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  1. Love these pictures! I try to bring my DSLR as much as I can but I'm always scared I'll lose or drop and break it just one more thing to keep track of! We have one old park near us with one of those whirligig things, so fun! Happy Monday!

  2. Spring has come to Texas early, too! I am not complaining one bit. 🙂 Your neighborhood park looks awesome. These are great pictures. I need to use my big camera more too. The phone is just too convenient.

  3. Oh fun! We love going to the park, I can't wait for the weather to warm up and stay that way. And Mabel's little hand on that bicycle streamer, good gracious! 🙂

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