Pieces of our week

 Well Friday, we meet again. Just like that another week has come and gone.Here are some of the blessings that we shared this week.
This girl.
She walks better in my heels than I do. I’m not kidding.
 Also? She’ll walk around with shoes on her hands because she saw it in a Curious George episode and thinks it’s amazing.
Baby down for the night? It’s Riesling, Breaking Bad, and Mama & Daddy time.
Playdoh mask!
Look at that color coordinated play doh. Matches her shirt and everything.
Abigail found a tube of my lip gloss one night while we were playing in the car.
PS. does anyone else’s kid have as much of an obsession with playing in the cars when they’re parked? All the time she wants to.
Needless to say, she was pretty impressed with her lip gloss work.
Triple latte for Mama.
Extra dry(that means it’s only foam!) cappuccino for the bebeh girl
So, Jim and I went on a date last Friday night.
We went to a Royals game. They’ve been doing amazing. Jim’s favorite pitcher was pitching.
At this point in time they were losing 10-1.
Yeah. Not the best date night we’ve ever had.
Tut tut looks like sunny with a high of 100.
September?! What are you doing to us!??
I mean, really.
Has any food on the history of planet earth ever made you as happy as that cake pop made that girl?
Making my daughter have a moustache since 2011
Stickers(on the hands/arms always) on the floor together.
Sunshine through her bedroom window.
Days together just the two of us.
So incredibly blessed to the one who spends the days with her. I love her so.

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  1. Oh my gosh, she is SO CUTE! I hope my Mia is girly and wants to get into my lipgloss (even though I'm sure I'll freak out over the mess) and wear my heels!
    And I LOVE her hair! She has so much!

    1. Thank you! Lol, it was a mess- I was praising Jesus that it was my nude lipgloss and not some crazy color. Whew!

      For as bald as she was as a baby, the amount of hair she has now shocks me! From 1 to 2 it grew insanely long. I've even cut it a few times. Crazy! I wish my hair grew like that.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! HAH! Don't tell that to my hubs, he will strongly chastise anyone who says anything negative said about the Royals. I love them dearly as well, I've just learned not to get my hopes up quite so highly as he does. That being said, they are doing incredibly well!! We're still in the running for playoffs, which is HUGE!! We just happened to pick the absolute worst game to go to- boo!

    1. Me too! Until we heard from the other room this weekend, "HEHE My face is brown!" After frantically racing over we realized she'd just gotten back into it, but had decided to lip gloss her whole head. HAHA. I guess she still needs supervision 😉

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