Abigail The Photographer

I was working the other day on taking some photos for yesterday’s post, when I realized that I needed a picture of myself. And instead of going through the trouble of going inside, digging out the tripod, setting it up, etc etc etc. I decided to utilize my five year old instead.
Abigail has always been a great helper when I ask her to take a picture with my phone. She is also really good about being gentle with things. She isn’t a destructive kid so I didn’t have to worry about her being rough(though I did make sure she always utilized the camera strap!) After we got the pictures I needed for my post, she asked if she could take some more pictures around the yard. Which I was happy to let her do!
Here are a few of the things her little eyes captured 🙂

I love seeing her perspective on things and I am incredibly impressed at how many photos she managed to capture that are lovely, in focus, and unique! After giving her a preliminary lesson on using my camera, I can’t wait to teach her more and more. She absolutely loved it and was so excited that I let her do such a big girl thing.

So cheers to letting go and allowing our kids to try something new and exciting- it might just become their great passion. Who knows??

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  1. Oh my word! She knocked it out of the park. That first photo! The picture of you & Mabel on the swing is my favorite. I love how you are off centered.

  2. I love this! I have let Liam use my camera inside, and he gets so excited. He needs a lot of direction, and it's tough for his small hands to stay off the lens yet still reach the necessary buttons. But it's so fun to see him imitate me.

  3. yes yes!!! i love seeing what their sweet eyes see!! m loves this, too, and it makes me so happy. get their little skills going while they're young!!

  4. Mini photog! I love it! Arden loves to use my camera but the majority of the pics are up her nose while she's looking for the button to take the picture 😉

  5. So cute!! She did a great job taking pictures 🙂

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

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