Children’s Easter Books

While everyone else is busy making AMAZING crafts and lesson plans and activities and everything else that I’m SO not good at, I’m over here all like- hey guys! I’ve got some more books for you! Children’s Easter books to be exact.

Because, books. That’s our jam.

Have a look at some of our favorite children’s Easter books!

Some of these aren’t explicitly Easter books- The Velveteen Rabbit and Guess How Much I Love You have nothing to do with Easter. But they are about bunnies, so that’s fun!

The Legend Of The Sand Dollar is a book that Jim’s Mom reads to Abigail around this time of year and she just loves it! It is a really special book.

Both The Easter Story and The Story Of Easter are both really great simple reads explaining the true Easter story. Personally, I prefer The Easter Story, but they’re both worth having!

And of course, you just can’t beat the curious little monkey and the big red dog!

A few other recent additions we have been loving are:

Pat The Bunny

God Gave Us Easter

Llama Llama Easter Egg 

Fancy Nancy’s Elegant Easter

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story


The Tale Of The Three Trees

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Do you have any favorite children’s Easter books that aren’t on this list? 


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  1. That is funny, and even funnier that we didn't pick any of the same books. Aria got the Velveteen rabbit from a group that brings thing to nicu babies. And I say if it has a bunny it counts! We have..I am a bunny..and it is one of my faves but it is more about seasons or I would so have included it.

  2. Oh how we love books too! Curious George is a favorite, so I just might have to get that one to add to Emerson's collection. I've been wanting to get an Easter Story book for children to help Emerson understand what Easter is all about. I'll be looking into both of the ones you suggested here, thanks! 🙂

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