Teachable Moments

In our house, we’re not big on crafts. Or activities. Or big productions. But what we are big on? Teachable moments. Taking ordinary situations and events and turning them into a lesson.
I am a huge proponent of letting Abigail(and now Mabel too- can’t leave her out!) learn through play, through growing creativity through boredom, exploring the outdoors, reading books and books and more books, and through navigating life with me.
Obviously, there is a time and a place for curriculum and book learning- I’m certainly all for that at the proper age and time. But for now? At 5 years old we are all about….
Trips to the pet store to learn about animals, fish, birds, day 5 of Creation, and character building(when I wouldn’t let her bring home a pet bird….)

Rides in the car learning about traffic signs, rules of the road, lyrics on the radio, and billboards on the side of the road.

Trips to the grocery store where we learn about healthy food, meal planning, cost comparisons, saving money, how to pay, and character building(where we learn to obey in the store and use our manners while talking with our cashier).

And many, many other opportunities that are too numerous to list!

What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate teachable moments in with your kiddos? 


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  1. Yes to all of this! I feel like Mary Poppins has a song about it but I can't grasp it right now. Kids are always learning you just have to be open to those little moments. And, we love going to the pet store to see the animals. Although I would be sad without the crafts, that is just my personality though!

  2. Love this!! Very similar to our philosophy. We do throw in some crafts too though. 😉 Lily learned her left from right at 2 from reviewing which ways to turn in the car. Life is a huge lesson with learning opportunities around each corner so why not use them? Love it.

  3. Yes to ALLLLLLLL of this! I'm so not crafty when it comes to kid stuff, but teaching through every day life? Yes, please. We are constantly talking about the colors of traffic signals, shapes of street signs, number on speed limit signs, pointing out the moon when it's out (the solar eclipse was awesome to explain the sun was behind us, the earth – where we are – was in the middle, and casting a shadow on the moon)! So I don't have a million art projects to display, but my kid can tell you the sequence of the sun, earth, and moon. 🙂
    P.S. trip to the pet store to look at animals – GENIUS! That may have to be an afternoon trip when we're bored and have run out of ideas to keep us entertained.

  4. You know, I'm so glad you shared this!!! I often feel like a lame mom not doing crafts and such with Mason so I'm so glad you brought light to this! I do a lot of these things without even thinking about them and didn't even think of them as teachable moments. How we handle ourselves, how we treat people, etc. We are showing Mason how to be a good person and how life works!

  5. What an awesome idea for a link up! As a former early childhood educator, I'm a huge believer in teachable moments. I homeschool my kiddos and while there's some "formal" curriculum, I find the most abundant learning available in the everyday moments.

    Thanks for sharing and hosting!

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