Spena School (An Update)

The last time I wrote about homeschooling was in the middle of September. You can read that post here!
In it, I talk about what our schedule for school looks like, what she’s learning, what curriculum we’re using, and other fun tidbits. We were cruising right along with our vowels, when one day at the end of September, I got a positive pregnancy test.
I knew I would be sick again, so I printed out and prepared all of her school up to Christmas break. And then reality set in. We made it through all five vowels and then come mid-October there was just no way I could sit down every day and teach school to the 3 year old. No way. (Plus, add in Thanksgiving, Croatia, Rome, and Christmas Break…)
So we took a nice long homeschool sabbatical this fall.
After the first week of January we started back to it, with significantly less puking and much more renewed enthusiasm(that would be me we’re talking about) and we are currently working through the letter “F”.

This little stinker can’t throw me under the bus anymore. We had multiple encounters with kindly adults asking her if she goes to preschool and she would say, “Oh yes. We homeschool. But we don’t DO school anymore.”Our school days look the same as they did at the beginning of the year.

It takes us about an hour or so to do her work. It involves all sorts of coloring, tracing, writing, cutting, crafting, reading and other fun school type things.

Since we’ve cleared out the 3rd room for Mabel’s nursery we’ve started doing school at the kitchen table instead, which works just fine!

We also moved the chicka chicka palm tree into Abigail’s bedroom, which she thinks is awesome. But those are really the only big changes since starting last fall 🙂 We’re still loving it and we’re happy to be back to plugging away a few days a week at learning the sorts of things 4 year old girls love to be learning! some_text

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  1. It's crazy how you start something and as soon as you do something huge changes things. Do you still plan to officially start K next year with her?

    Don't you just love an honest child. One time Marissa was talking about seeing Santa to my mom and she said "Well mommy said the only way I am going to get to see Santa is if you pay for it". So not the wording I used when I was talking to Marissa.

  2. Oh my, how funny is she! "We don't do school anymore!" Ha! That girl cracks me up! Did you just know from early on that she would have that spunky personality??? I feel that way about Hallie sometimes!

  3. You are super mom!! I don't know if I would have the patience to home school. But I will definitely be reading these other posts and see what materials you use because I would love to get started on stuff… until I enroll Mia in class. But who knows, maybe I'll try it and surprise myself with my patience and I might LOVE it!

  4. Oh my goodness I love that she threw you under the bus! Haha!

    I love your homeschooling posts 🙂 I don't plan on home schooling Scarlett once she hits elementary but I am thinking about doing a pre-school curriculum with her in the fall… just a little more structured time out for learning would be beneficial I think and I don't want to pay for pre-school when I can easily teach her myself

  5. Girl, I totally took a homeschooling hiatus last winter when I was preggers with Julia. It was necessary!!! Enjoy your adorable bump and that sweet preschooler. 😉

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