Spena School Is Back In Session!

Spena School is officially back in session!!

After much deliberation over whether to continue with Classical Conversations for a 4th consecutive year, we opted to skip and just be exclusively at home this school year. Which, has turned out to be really wonderful!

We had our first day following Labor Day, after our return home from Destin! (which I also still need to blog about……) and have been doing school M-F every day since!

And this little girl has gotten in on the action too! I downloaded Confessions Of A Homeschooler for her (we used this same curriculum with Abigail for Pre-K and enjoyed it so much!) She has a fun letter of the week program and it’s simple and sweet and perfect for Mabel to do alongside us (on the days it works out to do so!)

And of course, most days Finn is around destroying everything and Grammy pops in to substitute teach from time to time as well.

For Abigail, we landed on primarily using The Good and the Beautiful curriculum for almost everything! She is doing Teaching Textbooks for her math, and Kids Read Truth for her bible study.

Some days move faster than others, but we usually start in the late morning and finish sometime in the late afternoon.

You can see in this photo that she is wearing a leotard because she decided to quit dance for a season to try her hand at gymnastics! So far she has been really loving it, so we are planning to continue with that! (AND Mabel is going to get to start soon too!)

She also does piano lessons every week, tags along with my Mom to BSF once a week, and has a kids choir she is a part of during the week as well.

Plenty to keep her busy and well socialized 😉

It has been such a fun school year so far! New curriculum that she is really loving and flourishing with, lots of fun new activities, and the best part of all- GRANDPARENTS!

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