Destin 2019

It’s well over a month later and I am maybe…just maybe….recovered from the great Florida road trip of 2019. Ha! We decided to drive this year, which had it’s pros and it’s cons. One of the pros, was that we drove to Georgia first to visit with Jim’s grandparents for a few days before making it to Florida. Which was really special.

We were able to knock out that giant drive to GA in one day, so spirits were high.

Our return trip wasn’t quite the same, but we’ll get to that lol.

So let’s start at the beginning!

We drove to Georgia. It was great.

There was no internet. SO we went and worked at Starbucks for a little bit. HA!

Then we made the short jaunt down to Destin. WE MADE IT!

The weather was pretty much perfect the entire time we were there! It called for rain most days…and then most days it blew over and was beautiful. We were able to eat at all of our favorite places, do all of our favorite things, have a date night in Seaside, spend time at the pool and the beach, and- other than discovering on our last night- that it was our last night (LOL)- (we thought we were checking out on Monday. Turns out it was SUNDAY. Surprise!) everything was pure bliss.

The kids loved the water and the sand. It was so much fun to take this trip with them. We have gone enough years that we finally have our days down to a science. Our beach trip is a well oiled machine!

  • Donuts and coffee in the morning.
  • Beach and pool until lunch.
  • Naptime for small children.
  • Pool time for adults (and now Abigail)
  • Come in around 3ish
  • Wake up from naps
  • Shower
  • Dinner
  • Night swim
  • Bedtime for children
  • Adult time for adults.

It’s glorious.

I finally got old and bought a hat and cover up.

I’m okay with it.

But like, can you even handle his face?

We went back to the “mamusement” park (as Abigail used to call it) and it was totally fantastic. All of the kids were able to do different things, and everyone did the bumper boats (minus Finn and myself) and it was absolutely amazing watching that all go down.

I managed to get photos with all three of my babies. How lucky am I!

It is a requirement for them to take pictures on these Crab Trap stairs- because we have every single year since Abigail was 1! I live for comparison photos like these.

Someday, I’d love to put together a Destin Favorites post, because that would be helpful right? But yeah- until then, some of our favorite restaurants are:

  • McGuires
  • Boshamps
  • Dewey Destin
  • Brotulas
  • Jackacudas
  • Burrito Del Sol
  • Crab Trap
  • Back Porch
  • Henderson Park

This is me. At Burrito Del Sol. I still smile and think fondly of that burrito and margarita. It deeply blessed me.

One night, we were able to leave the kids with my parents and go on a date! For the VERY FIRST TIME, Jim was like… you want to plan it? And so I was like….okay!

I polled IG for ideas and I ended up landing on- Burrito Del Sol (again because OMGGG so good) for dinner and then we drove 45 minutes over to Seaside for dessert! We were able to talk, FINALLY finish the Serial podcast, and oh my goodness, the drive to and around Seaside was so worth it!

We also asked this kind woman to take our picture and y’all she was COMMITTED to taking this picture. She was like- up on a ledge, squatting and leaning and all sorts of business. I don’t even know. But there it is.

We also took this selfie. lol.

The floppy hat looks great on everyone.

And then our time at the beach was abruptly ended (as previously mentioned) so we packed up and headed out asap!

With Jim’s shameful amount of donuts in hand. Like- a lot.

We thought we could make it home in one day.

We stopped in Birmingham for lunch with a blog friend turned real life friend turned finally in person friend~!

We could not make it in one day. LOL.

We stopped somewhere in Arkansas for the night. literally slept in our clothes and then got up and drove home the rest of the way the next morning. best hotel stay of my life and I’m not even kidding.

Also shout out to Abigail picking her nose in the background.

1000% worth it for this. There’s a reason we look forward to this trip all year, every year. It is just the best.

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