Easter 2019

Hooray for a late April, WARM Easter this year, huh? It was so much nicer to play outside and enjoy the day…instead of inside watching the snow fall like last year!!!

We drove up to Jim’s parents to celebrate on Saturday night and were welcomed with a giant Easter dinner! After, the kids played with their cousins and grandparents. So fun.

Sunday morning it was SO windy! But so warm and beautiful. The girls were able to reuse the dresses they chose for their Father Daughter dance (which I’m just now realizing I never blogged about….so…soon!) and Finn got to wear his new blazer…dying. SO cute!

Loved both of these Mabel pictures…so you get two!

After church on Sunday, we set up our annual Easter Egg Hunt! Jim’s parents have the perfect yard for egg hunting and the kids just love it!

Look at the prize egg in that basket! Miss Mabel found the first prize egg and after much wandering around the yard, Abigail finally found the second 😉

Finn was just happy to take the same egg in and out of his basket over and over again.

We don’t have any pets, so the animals at Grandma Jenny’s house are always a HUGE hit! Particularly Dane the dog.

After naps, a trip to Ikea, and grilling out for dinner, it was time to head back home! A short and sweet visit, but wonderful nonetheless.

I hope you all had a happy, special, and beautiful Easter as well!

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