The House Spena Flipped: An Update!

So the last (and only-oops) time I have written about this project was in October, so I’d say we’re wayyy overdue for an update! But that’s okay, it will make the pictures all the more exciting? Am I right?

I’d already forgotten what this house looked like when we first bought it, so hooray for actually taking photos at the start of our project! (You can check those out in this post)

An update of the progress made, our current timeline, and what Jim’s schedule looks like (and his thoughts about it!) below:

We hired a company to replace the roof. It was quick, simple, and painless. And now it looks so nice!

We still have lots of plans for the exterior, which should be happening before too much longer! yay!

Including, but not limited to- removing this “addition” on the back side of the house. Jim is actually over there with three guys from church as I type, removing it today and he has a building permit to reconstruct a car port instead. That will be so much better (and more practical!)

Moving upstairs!

The biggest changes so far have been designing a floor plan and building a space in the unfinished loft area of this house. When we bought this home it was a 2 bed, 1 bath, but when we sell- it will be a 3 bed, 2 bath. Yay!

To the left is the bathroom (with a door to the loft and a door into the master closet), straight ahead will be the master walk in closet, and to the right is the master bedroom.

Jim hired a plumber to come set up all of the drains for him, so this bathroom is already set up and ready to go for it’s plumbing (along with everything downstairs as well!)

Here is the master bedroom (with some pretty new windows, eh? eh?)

And a future master closet!

The things Jim has completed so far has been shoring up the foundation and demolishing the entire thing, replacing all of the joists, rewiring the entire house, laying the sub-floor, replacing all of the windows, had the roof replaced, and has the plumbing in place!

(this is the downstairs hall looking from bedroom 1 into bedroom 2. the doorway on the right is the downstairs bathroom)

We’re super close to sheet rock and drywall, lots of painting and light/hardware installation, flooring, and the rest of the small details that come at the end of a project.

We’re hopeful to get this house on the market by the end of May, so fingers crossed!

(this is a shot from the living room of dining/kitchen and you can see the stairs that go up to the loft area over to the right)

People ask me all the time when Jim has time to work on this and the answer is- fringe hours. Sometimes he goes before he goes to the office. A lot of times, he comes home after work, has dinner with us, and then heads over to the house to work until 10/11 at night. He works there every Saturday and Sunday. Basically, any time he isn’t at his office working, he’s over at the house chipping away at it. And so far? He really loves it. He doesn’t regret doing it and is definitely excited and anticipating doing more in the future! So we’ll see!

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  1. This is gonna look so good when it’s done!! I can’t wait to see the rest! And I still need my cheap kitchen ideas! ??

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