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House Goals For 2017- Updated List!

It’s hard to believe that we have almost reached the end of the year(and the budget- ha) but I thought it would be fun to put together a little before/after house post to share how we did with our house goals for 2017!

Here we go!

The Kitchen

The before:

For 2017, our kitchen to do list looked like this:

  • Scrape out old paint, clean, and repaint inside cabinets- DONE
  • Plank the ceiling- DONE
  • Install a faux wood beam over the portion of the ceiling that hangs down- DONE
  • And, possibly paint the door- haven’t pulled the trigger on this one yet
  • And and, possibly repaint the cabinet hardware- or this one
  • AND if I can convince Jim, possibly replace the sink fixtures as well- we looked into replacing our sink with the gorgeous IKEA farmhouse sink we had at our last house, and unfortunately, neither size fits in our current sink location. Bummer! 

The After:

Main Level Bathroom

The Before:

  • Install a shower- DONE
  • Bring up the subway tile and grout up to the ceiling in the shower(the tile only went up as high as you can see in the above photo)- DONE
  • Come up with some sort of window treatment- not yet. sorry guests and neighbors

The After:

The Dining Room

The Before:

  • Take down painted wall paper- DONE
  • Shiplap (!!!)- DONE
  • Install barn doors- not yet(if ever??) 
  • Install new lighting (recessed and chandelier)- DONE
  • Stain top of table with a new (darker) finish- DONE
  • Hopefully sell our current chairs so that we can buy some new ones!- seriously, someone buy our chairs?
  • Build and install floating wood shelves to put over the base of our ginormous hutch- DONE

The After:

I wrapped up my house goals post with this statement:

“I have a few odds and ends that I might like to do, still some more wall art for random places around the house, install a ceiling fan in our guest room, little things like that. But those are our three big goals for this year!”


Surprise! A Nursery!

The Before:

The After:

  • Painted the walls
  • Installed a shiplap accent wall
  • Built sliding closet barn doors
  • Installed a closet light
  • Installed a light/ceiling fan and changed out an old light for a new school house light!
  • Hung wall art
  • Painted the crib (it went from coral pink to green!)
  • Moved in furniture!

You can read all about Finn’s nursery in my Finn’s Cactus Nursery Reveal post!

Which meant we had to update….

The Girls Room

The before:

The After:

  • Installed ceiling fan
  • Moved in furniture
  • Updated gallery wall
  • Hung up book shelves
  • Painted night stand
  • Hung garland(s)

You can read all about the girls shared bedroom space in my The Spena Sister’s Shared Bedroom post!

Bonus! A little fireplace refresh!

The before:

The after:

Jim cleaned out and spray painted the inside of the fireplace(with high heat paint) and it was one of those projects that made you totally kick yourself for not taking the five minutes(give or take) to do this project two years earlier. It looks SO much better.

And that is pretty much everything for 2017!

Looking forward to 2018, most of our money will be going to “unfun” home improvements, like new windows, new gutters, and replacing old wood around the exterior of the house. So I probably won’t have another post like this next year, but you never know! 🙂

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  1. I cant believe how much a bit of wood planking seriously livens up a room!! I want a better picture of Finn’s barn closet door 🙂

  2. So many beautiful updates!! If I had to pick a favorite… I think I’d have to go with the way you’ve decorated your kid’s bedrooms. They just keep getting better and better!

  3. Your house is just so dang cute! I love how you have created such an inviting and cozy space. And your dining room is beautiful!! And that quote from Laura Ingalls Wilder – I just love it.

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