A Purple Party Celebration

{My two previous purple party posts: The Food & The Decorations}

These are all of the pictures that I really, really LOVE from her purple party.
Photos of my girl just enjoying her party to the fullest{complete with crazy bounce house hair}, being loved on by friends and tons of family, carrying her newest stuffed animal baby, and thriving in the midst of so much attention.
That handsome husband of mine. He was the best to jump around the bounce house with.
There is one daughter and 5 other little girls that would absolutely agree.
Have you ever gotten to play ring around the rosie with BOTH of your grandpa’s while inside a giant purple castle?
That right there is a 3 year old little girl dream come true.

This picture cracks me up!
Hey Indie! You comin in my castle?
Yes, that is her little voice singing “Happy Birthday” to herself. She did it every single time someone sang happy birthday to her. Too cute.

I love her sweet face in this picture.
Like, construction paper is the most amazing thing she has ever seen in her life.
She was so funny with this gift! I think she said something like, “I want to play this game right NOW!”
Which after playing it every day since her party, I absolutely highly recommend it! It is perfect for her right now. Easy to understand rules, but not boring at all. It’s also helping her learn basic board game etiquette, which has been a good time.
Clifford Game
Grandpa Jim {My Grandpa}
Grandma Shirley {My Grandma}
Nana & Papa {Jim’s Grandparents}
Umple Camrin {My little brother, Cameron}
Grammy & Pappy {My parents}
My parents & My Mimi
Grandpa Monty & Grandma Jenny {Jim’s parents}
PS. LOVE this picture!
Me & my mama rockin the purple.
Grandma Jenny and Miss A {and those purple boots!}
Grandma Frankie/Nana giving Abigail some lovin. And unlike the picture seems to convey, she actually was hugging her back!
My sweet little family.
Such a wonderful party. Such a wonderful day.
 We are so blessed.

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