One more step out of babydom: The big girl bed

On Saturday afternoon Jim headed outside to the mow the yard. Abigail and I were playing together in her “playroom” and I started thinking about all of the baby stuff we need to sell. I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to get rid of any of it. But, let’s be realistic. There is no more baby. I don’t need to save it for another baby. We don’t have the room to just keep all of the baby stuff for no reason. And we just acquired a car payment, so we could use the extra money that will come from selling all of our baby stuff. So, I’ve been piling up baby toys, clothes, and other items in the playroom closet in preparation for the Rhea Lana sale this fall.
Then I started thinking about selling our glider and our crib. And started thinking about how long it will take me to make a Craigslist posting and for someone to actually buy it and then come get it from our house and blah blah blah. And it dawned on me that if I waited for that to happen Abigail might be in her baby bed until she’s like, 12 or something.
So, I asked her. “Hey, Abigail? What would you think about sleeping in a big girl bed tonight?”
I think her reply was along the lines of: *Blank stare and shoulder shrug*
Good enough!
I knew I had to do it RIGHT THIS SECOND because if I thought about it any more I probably would have broken down in tears and then forced Abigail to stay in her crib until she moves out.
So crazy came over me.
At the back of the hall? Yeah, that’s a door off of it’s hinges.
Jim walked into the house like…what…?
I had switched out all of the furniture between the two rooms, minus the twin bed frame.
ANYWAY. It was quick and productive and her little room looks so sweet and cute now.
The playroom? Oh sweet fancy moses. It looks like a bomb(a very big bomb) went off in there.
 But, I digress, the point of this post is big girl bed. BIG GIRL BED.
Notice the pillows beside the bed? First time parents, folks.
Unexpected perk of moving her to a big bed? She looks ridiculously tiny. Small fish in a big pond, if you will. It eases a bit of the pain in my mama heart looking at her and realizing how quickly all of this is flashing by.
We gave her one rule for the new bed: She isn’t allowed to get out of it. Ha! So loving, am I right?
The rule is, during naptime and bedtime she stays put. Once it’s time to get up she can call for Mama or Daddy, we will come get her, and THEN she can get out of her bed.
It was so adorable on Sunday morning, we had to get her up early to head to church. When we came into her room she exclaimed, “But I didn’t call for you to come get me yet!!” Little rule follower. Yep, she’s mine.
So far, we’re 2 nights and 2 naps in and it’s been exactly the same as in her crib. If anything, she is actually falling asleep faster and not playing as long. WIN.
PS. If anyone local is interested in our glider or crib, feel free to comment or shoot me a message. I’ll be thrilled(I mean, not really, but you know) to sell it and get it out of my house.

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  1. Too cute! Glad the transition is going so well. And I totally understand the pillows on the floor! We put up little rails on our first's big girl bed (and they are actually still on Grace's bed now). 🙂

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