Another year, another baseball season under our belts!

Last year was Abigail’s very first season playing baseball. It was a HUGE season of growth for her. Learning a new sport, having to learn to not be the best, and being the only girl on a team filled with boys was a big experience for her.

This year, she went from being one of the worst on the team (just the truth, lol) to one of the very best. She got a hit at nearly every single at bat, played with confidence, and knew what it was like to be the only girl again.

Her team played together well and they nearly made it to the championship game! They ended the season in 3rd place and we are so proud of our girl for working so hard and improving so much.

I’m also proud of these kiddos and all of the hours they logged sitting in the stands, in the heat, watching sister play!

Another exciting thing about this baseball season was having grandparents around to be a part of it!! They could play with littles (or stay home if it was a late game and Finn needed to sleep!), cheer Abigail on, and be with us for celebration ice cream after the games. It was so special and the best thing ever. Such an amazing way to welcome them to Joplin! (Oh yeah. it has been forever since I blogged. Have I told you that my parents moved to Joplin? Because they did, lol)

Finn is how we all feel about it.

She loved playing this season and is already preparing and talking about next! So, until next spring!

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