This summer, we had the honor and privilege of heading to Nashville, Tennessee to celebrate my cousin Jacob’s wedding! The kids walked during the ceremony and Jim and I played the ceremony music together. It was a quick weekend trip, but we definitely made the most of it and had the best time!

The drive was completely uneventful and the kiddos were amazing!

Finn fell asleep with his hand inside his snack cup and I had to document it- haha!

They were PUMPED about hotel life. Which, worked well for the most part! We always travel with our oils and diffuser so everyone slept the same as usual and we were ready to go the next day for rehearsal!

The rehearsal was hot and boring for the kids but they survived and got to have ice cream and naps afterward.

After naps and time at the hotel pool, we headed to the rehearsal dinner! Which was beautiful and gorgeous and had alllll the Parenthood vibes. Music and string lights and yard games- and a fully stocked S’mores bar!

Was a hit.

Mabel. This child. My sleep warrior. God bless her.

The day of the wedding, Abigail went to the Hermitage (Andrew Jackson’s home) with my parents while Jim and I took the littles to lunch and the pool before we all took naps to prep for wedding festivities!

We arrived early to get our music set up, practice and tune, and ready for show time!

It was like ten billion degrees. It was fine.

The kids were amazing. I thought that there was NO WAY IN THE WORLD that Finn would be making it down the aisle- but HE DID! Even carrying his little ring bearer pillow. Could not believe it.

My family 🙂

My hubby 🙂

My girls 🙂

All of us 🙂

The reception was so much fun! Jennifer’s dad gave a toast that had Jim and I openly weeping, the dance floor was SO fun, the food and drinks were delicious and it was just an all around amazing time.

My parents took the kids back early, so they could get to bed- and we could stay and dance!

It was such a beautiful wedding for such a beautiful couple!

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  1. Love it! Thank you so much for coming out and bringing everyone! Being surrounded by family made the day so much more special!

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