Life lately through Instagram

I haven’t put iPhone or Instagram pictures up here for a LONG while. I have a lot of them to update with!
3 very sweet girls playing so nicely together while the Mama’s do their workout at the church
Playing castle with her “Umple Camrin”
Wearing Umple Camrin’s shoes and keys
Sitting in the booth(no booster!) like a super big girl at Outback on Mama and Daddy’s anniversary
Workin on her Elvis lip
My birthday present to the Hubs. Ooops.
Can you say, Diva?
First french braid. Aww!
On our way to Dad’s company Christmas party. She still says “I eat chips at Mr. Mike’s house with a lot of stairs!”
She’s addicted to the braids now. She asks for them!
Second breakfast Christmas morning
Wearing Aunt Mary Esta’s sunglasses, in her sleep, on the way back from Oklahoma
An impromtu, fun Starbuck’s date with Mama. She got to eat a cinnamon “muffin” and drink water from a straw and big girl cup!
A sweet little video of Abigail singing with her Ma Jenny. This is one of her favorite Christmas songs!

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