We’re *kind of* being *those* people.

It’s the 10th of July.
But, we still have a few fireworks left.
I know.
As I’ve seen reiterated over and over again, there isn’t much people hate more than fireworks after the 4th. But, these ones are pretty small…and relatively quiet…and we did them right after dinner. So, that’s not too terrible? Right?
 Waiting patiently for the snakes to erupt into a ball of flame and grossness.
Sometimes she does things and I think, “She is my daughter. Through and through”. And then, sometimes, she gets really really really excited for things(like fireworks and playing outside) and I think, “She is totally her father’s daughter”.
See what I mean? Snakes are so gross.
Uh, Dad? Why are my pops not poppin?
 Who cares if it is ten million degrees outside.
It is never too hot for snuggles.
Well hey there Miss Blue Eyes. I’m happy to know that I don’t have to worry about trying to get a headshot for your modeling portfolio now.
Be still my heart.
So, all of this to say, don’t be too annoyed with us as we finish up our little stash over the weekend.

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