It has been a while since I have linked up for a good old fashioned InstaFriday! I noticed that I was compiling quite the collection of phone pictures, without a specific place to put them…..I also remembered that some of my favorite favorite archived posts are my instafridays.
They hold so many precious memories and small moments.
You know, the ones that are the most dear to all of our hearts anyway.
So Jim traveled 9 out of the last 10 business days the past two weeks. I didn’t mention it here, well, because I’ve watched 100% too much Dateline in my lifetime and I didn’t feel like being kidnapped from my front door or something. He’s been home all week now though, so my kidnapping percentages dropped significantly.
Anyway, while he was gone Abigail and I made a trip out to Sonic for a car picnic lunch. It was the greatest. Hot dogs, apple slices, and raspberry slushies.
It doesn’t get much better than that.
In random, I have somehow managed to keep these plants alive for the last 6 years news, my peonies bloomed. They were gorgeous and wonderful and fragrant. Until a few days later when they instantly wilt and explode their petals all over your yard and house like big ol flower bombs.
Not cool, peonies. Not cool.
No worries, I’m not turning into a crazy tattoo lady….yet. I might have some ideas for a few additions{don’t read this part, Mom}, but not anytime soon. I was just getting my tattoo touched up.
Apparently, in the area of my foot that it’s on, it tends to fade more drastically than other places, so he recommended me coming in to get it touched up before I even left the first time.
He also mentioned I might need to do it again. But, the touch up is free, and continuing the previous experience, didn’t hurt a bit.
Turns out Instagram really likes two things.
Two things that I seem to be pretty good at so, high five IG peeps!
Since I’m a hair stylist, someday I will teach my daughter the proper hair styling techniques. This was not that day. Poor Aurora.
She stopped into the hat store with Daddy.
He sent me this picture.
She chose the hat and shades all by herself.
Trendy little miss.
We got together with a bunch of church friends this weekend to take a tour of one families farm, to eat grilled burgers from a fatted calf they….harvested??….and to play live music and enjoy each other. Success on all counts.
Plus, flannel.
We’ve been busy sprucing up our front yard so after church on Sunday, Jim ran into Home Depot. Abigail, Seahorse, and I took selfies while we waited in the car.
Seahorse is really getting good at letting us take her picture.
Β Every once in a while I surprise even myself with my mothering.
Motherhood is obviously a growing and life changing thing….but sometimes, I am still really set in my ways over specific things. Like, not wanting to go eat or play outside any more than I have to.
Yesterday afternoon Abigail and I headed out to check the mail{at the end of our driveway, lol}. As soon as we stepped outside it started to sprinkle, even though it was completely full sun out. Then, the rain picked up.
Then, it started absolutely pouring. And there we were in our clothes.
Regular, boring Courtney wanted to say, “let’s go inside and not get all wet” but I thought to myself, “it’s not thunder and lightning. It’s not cold. Look how happy and amazed she is.” So instead of saying, “in we go!” I surprised myself and said, “Do you want me to go get your umbrella?”
We played and played and splashed and jumped and ran around and it was so much fun.
And then when the rain finally stopped and everything was just wet,Β I was able to quickly snag her for a picture.
She’s just the best. I love her so.

Β  Are you on IG? I’m @apluslifeblog if you want to follow along!


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  1. i love you guys. and remind me not to allow A to get ahold of my hair. POOR AURORA looks like she got into a texas pageant cat fight. and the rain. . . i have to do that with my parenting too. i can be so boring sometimes– but the times i "let it go" are fully the most appreciated by lex who doesn't care about getting soaked in the rain.

  2. Ohhh I love this idea! Totally joining in this morning! πŸ™‚
    Sometimes I look at your daughter and think she looks so much like you, and then others so much like your husband! She's such a cute little girl!!!

  3. I watch entirely too much Dateline, too! Anytime it's just Linc and I I'm sure we're going to get kidnapped. And Miss A.. just the most precious ever!

  4. Lok all the pics! Saw the on IG and loved them the first time and the second time here πŸ™‚ And too funny but so true not to mention online that your husband is out of town. I have heard one too many bad stories and don't want to be a part of them! But you are such a fun mom that I'm sure Abigail didn't even notice daddy was gone… I mean you have me wanting a Strawberry Limeade now! Haha.

  5. I love this idea because Lord knows, my IG feed gets plenty of love and I don't share those photos anywhere else. Count me in!
    We did the same with the rain last week. It poured and the little one was so eager to see what was going on with all the racket so out we went. He loved it and I was reminded that not everything needs to be structured, clean/dry and normal. Letting loose in a rain storm is good for the Mommy soul.
    Happy Weekend!

  6. aww we were just outside playing in the rain today! At first Aria was a little timid but then we ran up and down the porch stomping in the puddles. Jenny from The Chronicles of We gave me the inspiration from Wednesday! Perfect timing with the rain.

  7. Aww Abigail is just the cutest!!! I've always said I want to name my daughter that if I have one πŸ™‚ I love it! Haha…Instagram does love selfies and alcohol doesn't it?! And food…I always see photos of food! Crazy about the peonies! They were pretty at least! πŸ™‚

  8. I really need to get my tattoo touched up. It's 7 years old. Doesn't look too bad, I baby it with sunscreen when it's exposed. Gotta wait until after summer though, I just know as soon as I do it I'll get invited swimming!

  9. I don't mention when my husband is gone online for the same reason. And when I accidentally let it slip, I worry all night long. I am sure crazy psycho killers have better things to do other than stalk my ig feed but my irrational brain says it isn't so. Happy Friday.

  10. The umbrella picture is just the best! I love how these littles help us to do things we wouldn't normally want to…Arden's helping me become less boring all the time πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend, friend!

  11. I am SO jealous of your peonies!! I have searched high and low for some and can't find any that are fresh cut! πŸ™ Also, do you have a post somewhere about your tattoo? I would love to read about it!!

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