Abigail’s First Bridal Shower

Last Saturday morning, me and my very best girl got to head over to Kansas for a bridal shower brunch! She is going to be a flower girl for this wedding{her first of the three this summer!} so it was great for her to be included in the big girl stuff.

But first, before we could leave, we had to get Daddy out of bed to take our picture.

He was happy to oblige. What a fella!
Our poised selves…

And our real selves.

After we had eaten our fill of muffins, yogurt, and egg casserole, the shower host divided us up into teams to play the “toilet paper bride” game. She asked Abigail if she would be willing to get dressed up and she was 100% ALL about it.

She wasn’t even on my team!

I overheard the ladies asking her what sort of sleeves she wanted on her dress. Strapless? Spaghetti straps? Off the shoulder? She informed them that she most definitely wanted an off the shoulder dress.
I can’t explain it fully{I’ll sure try}, but watching her be so big and brave. So outgoing and friendly. So enthusiastic and charming. So sweet and silly. Ah, it just made me feel so proud to call her mine.

Plus, she’s pretty cute too.
Then to top off being a super big girl, the bride asked Abigail if she would like to help her open her gifts.

Look at her sitting in that chair!

My heart.
I feel like that scene in the beginning of Father Of The Bride when she tells him that she met a boy and she’s getting married. Someday, this just might be the image my mind goes back to.

All in all, it was an amazing shower and we had a wonderful time together. It also helped me feel really excited about how great of a flower girl she will be! I can’t wait!

Oh, she also kept calling the punch “sponge”. Things like that help make the “hey, you’re growing up way too stinkin fast” stuff, slow down just a little 🙂


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  1. O.M.G. I love this post! Y'all are so darn cute together! I love your dress, where from?!

    Also, move to Texas. We can be besties, so can our girls, and you can do my hair, ha! 😉

    Looks like such a fun day!

  2. What a big girl! Your dress is perfect! That is so brave of Abigail to be on a separate team from you & to sit up front during gift opening. I don't think I would have been able to do that at her age.

  3. This is amazeballs! 1.) You two look adorable! 2.) She is totally killing it in her toilet paper dress!

  4. Loved finding your blog and reading this post. She's such a cutie and I love that you guys are matching. So fun and I can't believe she's a flower girl in 3 weddings?! Popular lady!

  5. ahhh love the Father of the Bride reference, I totally see it. I bet you will too! Sigh. Honestly I'm sure it will be here way too quickly. Hopefully all our little girls find such perfect little loving gentlemen though.

  6. Ahh I love your dress and A looks so adorable in coordinating colors!! I can't get over what a great girl she is and just have to give you major props on how you are raising her! I can't imagine my nieces being so well behaved at that age (or even the age they are now). I am also so glad that you are going before me so I can learn all your tips and tricks!

  7. oh my gosh, how cute is she?! What a great personality, and the matching outfits, too cute Mama! Stopping by from It's the Little Things.

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