17 months!

Abigail is 17 months old today! I wish I had done a much better job of keeping monthly updates on her going. Things I thought I would remember I completely don’t and things I do remember I’m sure I have affixed to incorrect dates! Oh well, better late than never I suppose.

~ At her 15 month checkup she was 30.5in tall and 22lb 12oz. So I’m guessing we’re somewhere in the neighborhood of 31in and 23lbs.

~We’re currently in the midst of a teething break. She has all 16 teeth and we are just waiting on her 2 year molars to show up sometime.

~ Abigail is saying so many words now! She says ball, bowl, bath, book, hot, yuck, tick tock and lots of animal sounds. She can do monkey, lion, snake, cow, cat, dog, bird, and owl. She also says “uh-huh” which I’m guessing is how I respond to a lot of questions instead of answering yes!

~She signs more please, yes, thank you, and all done

~She can identify most of her body parts. Eyes, ears, hair, head, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, arms, hands, belly, feet, and toes.

~She occasionally recognizes colors. If I ask her to point to the red flower, for example, she can usually do it.

~Abigail is also good at pointing out items. If I ask where a specific item is or a certain animal she’s really good at comprehending and pointing it out. I can tell she understands so much but hasn’t developed verbally enough quite yet to totally communicate it.

~ Abigail has been waving since she was 9 months old and still loves it. She waves at anything and anybody. Hello and goodbye.

~ She has the first half of blowing kisses down pat. They don’t always get blown to you though, hehe.

~ We’re finally down to one nap a day(never thought I’d be happy about that, but it makes our days so much more predictable!). She eats lunch and then lays down for about 1 1/2 hours-2 hours.

~She wakes up around 730am and bedtime is at 8pm.

~ She doesn’t like drinking milk out of a sippy(and to be honest I haven’t tried or offered it in quite a while). I mix her whole milk in oatmeal or cream of wheat that she eats almost every morning and she eats a lot of whole milk yogurt with fruit mixed in.

~ Her favorite fruit right now is kiwi. She used to share Daddy’s kiwis, but now she eats them all on her own. No sharing anymore!

~ I have a hard time getting veggies in this girl but she loves spinach in her eggs, sweet potato or squash in her cream of wheat, corn, and will occasionally enjoy snacking on raw carrot.

~ Some of her other favorite foods are fish sticks, mac and cheese, any sort of muffin, goldfish, spaghetti, peanut butter, and applesauce.

~ She is scared of swings, old yeller, and the book “There’s a Wocket in my Pocket” by Dr. Suess. She loved to read it, but it would freak her out so I finally put it away!

~ Abigail loves playing outside. The weather has been awesome so we’ve gone on lots of wagon rides, played at the park, gone down slides, and played on our driveway and front porch.

~ She loves the songs head, shoulders, knees, and toes(and tries to point to the corresponding part!), happy birthday, twinkle twinkle, and pretty much any vbs type bible song.

~ She enjoys watching a Dora the Explorer episode or her Disney Priness Singalong dvd once a day. She asks really politely to sit on the couch and points to the tv.

~ She is a great companion for running errands. She always has been, but it has only gotten more fun as she is getting older. We love to go places together like walmart and target, or out to lunch with friends.

~We’ve started to enter into some actual behavior training that is completely new to us! She has been put in time out a few times and occasionally gets a little swat on her hand. She’s definitely starting to assert some independence and defiant disobedience occasionally. For the most part though, she is a very sweet and obedient little girl who listens extremely well and does what she is told.

I can’t believe how fast time has gone. She is growing and changing so much and is becoming even more and more fun. We are so thankful for our little girl and the joy that she is and brings into our lives.

Doing some “cute baby” on the front porch!
What a sweet girl!
Blowing some kisses:)

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