A visit from Grandma and Grandpa!

Jim’s parents came down for the day this past weekend for a short little visit. They hadn’t seen Abigail for a while(excluding skype), so it was great for her to get to spend time with them and play their little hearts out together!

First thing after breakfast Abigail and Grandpa Monty built a couch fort:

Then we got ourselves ready and headed to the park!
STOP THE PRESSES. She is on a swing. And she is smiling.
Abigail and Daddy:)
This little girl LOVES slides!
This is the stuff graduation slide shows are made of! 🙂

Then we headed to Instant Karma in downtown Joplin for lunch. I had a bacon cheeseburger with PEANUT BUTTER on it, Jim had a bacon wrapped hot dog with avocado and mayo, and Abigail enjoyed a grilled cheese with fresh pineapple. YUMMM!

When we got home we went out for a wagon ride/walk to our neighborhood park to play and blow bubbles.

Abigail loves bubbles!
Getting some good giggles from Grandpa Monty!

Isn’t her outfit so cute?! It’s a brand new gymboree outfit that I scored for $10 at Rhea Lana’s consignment sale this weekend.
After we played at the park and finished our walk we came home, ate dinner, watched some basketball, and they headed home shortly before Abigail had her bath and bedtime.
Grandma Jenny pointed out to Abigail where the moon is before they left and now whenever we are outside she points to the sky and goes, “Moo!” Pretty close:)
They’ll be here again this coming weekend for Easter. We can’t wait!

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