First Day Of 3rd Grade!

And just like that…..we’re back to it!

Sort of 😉

Our first day of Classical Conversations was on Monday, and thus begins Abigail’s 3rd grade year of school!

We won’t officially start our school days at home until after Labor Day + beach vacation, but we’ve worked on Cursive, Bible Studies, and Reading all summer- so it shouldn’t be too much of a shock to the system to start adding more into our days.

At this age, Classical Conversations provides all of the main subject material that she needs at this point other than math and language arts.

Over the past few years, that has primarily meant “teach her to read” but since we’ve done that and she has begun to read voraciously (finally! yay!) we are setting our sights on a bit more extensive grammar + spelling and vocabulary too!

Our curriculum for this year looks like:

Classical Conversations (24 weeks, meets once a week)

Math: Horizons

Spelling + Vocabulary: Horizons

Grammar: First Language Lessons

Handwriting: Prescripts 

Reading: We don’t have a particular reading program (though we totally do Book It! with Pizza Hut!)- I usually just tell her which books/series she can choose from and then she reads a few chapters a day!

Bible Study: Kids Read Truth

She will also begin piano lessons at the beginning of September and dance classes start back up for both girls then too!

As far as Mabel and Finn go, they’ll be spending their time playing, napping, eating snacks, and learning by listening to all of Sissy’s lessons and CC cd’s in the car 🙂

We’re greatly anticipating our best school year yet!

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  1. She has grown so much just in the short time I’ve been following y’alls journey! Precious heart. Love this age and hope she has an amazing year.

  2. Hey! Just wanted to say a quick thank-you for mentioning Classical Conversations here. Also your photos of your daughter are super cute 🙂 God bless, and I hope your school year is fantastic!

    – Sarah from the Classical Conversations team

  3. Woohoo! Congrats on having a good reader 🙂
    Also, thanks so much for your support of CC! I hope it’s an absolutely fantastic year of learning and community for you and your family.

    – Sarah Iddings,
    Classical Conversations Team

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