Abigail is 2!

In an attempt to keep this post from turning into a giant mush fest I’m going to just talk about everything we did today to celebrate A’s birthday.
Last year, her birthday was easy peasy and I passed by it just fine. This year, I have had such a hard time with the thought of her being two! Tears have been shed at the thought of her growing older so much faster than I can keep up and time passing by so quickly even though I try to slow it down.
She isn’t a baby anymore. Sure, she is MY baby. But she isn’t a baby. She is a toddler. A little girl. With wants and desires and WORDS. Oh man. She has words and she can use them. And she has agility, and balance(most of the time), and she can run and she can jump and she is just so not a baby anymore.
So. Enough of that.
Abigail had about the most rockin 2nd day of birth ever.
It started when she woke up at the crack of dawn(Thank you ever so much, DST) and Daddy went into work late so he could make her Mickey Mouse pancakes.
Then, Grammy and Pappy gave Abigail her birthday present. The Fisher Price Princess Castle. Oh man. Little girl was in luurrvvvee.
Since Mimi flew here from Florida for A’s birthday she wanted to take her to Toys R Us to buy her a birthday present. After poring over options and trying to decide what would be best for multiple reasons, A never left the train table in the middle of the store. So, it ended up making our decision pretty easy.
Before we left TRU A got to ride on the Mickey Mouse ride 2 whole times.
The first time was EPIC and SO AWESOME
The 2nd time she almost fell asleep.
After this we headed to go get lunch at one of A’s favorite places. Chick fil A!
We hurried home to get Abigail down for her nap, because she was super duper tired from a fun morning. But she couldn’t lay down before…
We got her trains set up!
All of our visitors left while Abigail was napping. After she woke up and asked for Mimi she happily played with her new toys the rest of the night.
She got to share leftover pizza with Daddy for supper(her other favorite food) and they played trains and castle on the floor together before bed.
Now, tell me that isn’t about the most awesome birthday you’ve ever seen? What a lucky, blessed, spoiled rotten little girl.
We love you SO much Abigail Faye. We are so, so thankful that God chose us to be your parents. To bring you into this world and to mold and to shape the person you will be.
Thank you, Lord for the past amazing 2 years. They have given me more joy and happiness than I have ever experienced before.
Happy birthday, Abigail.

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