Tips For Having A Flower Girl

If you happen to have a sweet little girl between the ages of 1 to, oh, 8{or so I’ve been told!!}, the chances of you her being recruited to participate in a wedding at some point are pretty high.
As the mama to a little lady who was in THREE weddings this summer, I thought I would share some of the things we learned about Abigail’s multiple days that led to a 5 second walk down an aisle.

Tips For Having A Flower Girl:

The number one thing that I recommend to anyone now that I’ve gone through this three times, is that you specifically request to the bride that you don’t arrive until right before wedding time.
In all three of our weddings this summer, Abigail was expected to be done up and ready for pictures upwards of 3+ hours before the wedding.
In all of that time, approximately 5 pictures were snapped of her and then the rest of the time was spent corralling her from messing up her hair, dress, makeup, etc.
Talk about stressful!
Not to mention, if any of this coincides with nap time or lunchtime{which it usually does} then you’re really setting yourself up for disaster.
Any adorable flower girl pictures can be taken after the wedding{or right before} and really, you want the bride and groom together anyway so it just makes sense!


Pack the snacks! 

Don’t forget to bring lots of snack options plus, plenty for your gal to drink.

I kept bags of cheerios, crackers, and small candies close at hand so that we had something to do and something to keep her happy.

Food makes me happy, food makes her happy.

Win win.


Don’t be afraid of bribery.

I know, I know. It sounds terrible. I’m typically not an advocate for bribery, I’m an advocate for excellent behavior.

But, let’s face it, wedding days are crazy long and pretty darn boring for a 3 year old{or a 25 year old}.

Hey- I have an idea, let’s not call it bribery, let’s call it a reward system.

The small candies, the new toy, the movie on the iPad- all great motivators for superb behavior.


Practice The Smile + The Walk Down The Aisle

Practice makes perfect, and let me tell ya, those little flower girls need it!

Work on looking in the mirror or playing back pictures on your camera so that they can start to feel what it looks like to make a pretty smile and not a deranged rabid animal cheeser face.

Also, rehearsals are a great time to practice where to walk, how to walk, where to sit, and then how to sit quietly for the {hopefully} short ceremony.



Being a flower girl parent is a hard job and it is exhausting!

But, seeing your little one run/skip/walk blessedly slow down the aisle is completely worth it and not much will make your heart beam prouder.

Once you make it through that ceremony, grab yourself a glass and hit the dance floor with that little one.

You both probably need to burn off some pent up energy.

What would you add to my list? What are some additional tips for being a flower girl?

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  1. Oh yes! We were in a wedding a couple weeks ago and it was a LOOOONG day. While Ellie didn't make the cut to be in the wedding it was a family wedding where we were all there and wow! Her two cousins were the flower girls and let me tell you having then get there and ready so early was crazy long!!!

  2. Ohhhh thanks for posting this! Lily is making her first flower girl appearance next summer. Mom is a little nervous. Seems like ya'll survived it though. 🙂

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog today & oh am I glad I did.
    My almost two year old was just asked to be a flower girl in a wedding that will be happening next year when she is almost three. I'm honored and excited, but a little on the nervous side of how that is going to go!
    But it seems like you got it down 😉 and she looks so precious!

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