Beach Vacation: Part 3

On Wednesday, it was rainy and cloudy all morning. Dad, Cameron, Grandma, and Grandpa went golfing, my gracious Mother offered to babysit, and Jim and I got to go to Starbucks and outlet mall shopping. I found some great and really cute fall clothes for Abigail and Jim got some new shoes for an awesome price. It was so much fun and definitely one of my favorite parts of our trip.
That evening the weather had cleared so we went to a restaurant right on the beach just a mile or so down from our condo called “The Crab Trap”
Far and away, my all around favorite meal of vacation was here. I got to have crab legs that were not only reasonably priced and delicious, but my sweet Mama was willing to do all the hard work for me and crack the meat out of the shells while I took care of Abigail and ate the rest of my food. I mean honestly, there is no better way to eat crab meat than to have someone else hand it directly to you. It was amazing.
When dinner was over Jim got some of the sweetest, longest, best snuggles ever.
Abigail’s kid’s meal came in this adorable bucket with a shovel. She loved it! She played with it over multiple car rides, posed happily for pictures here, and is still playing with it back at our house.
I also need to add that Mimi gave Abigail this adorable outfit back in April and it fits her perfectly now. I am so in love with it. It was spot on for a dinner at the beach!
I can’t help it. I love this outfit so much and she was being such a sweetie, I had to snap about 200 hundred pictures to do it justice.
After our glorious dinner we headed over to The Marble Slab, which is pretty much exactly like Cold Stone, except not as good, but it was closer to our condo.
What a sweet Grammy, sharing her ice cream with the little miss 🙂
On Thursday we had glorious pool weather. It was SO hot and sunny. The pool was packed with people trying to cool off and we had a blast.
I used this Aveeno sunblock on Abigail’s face and ears during the week. It was convenient and I felt really protected her skin, unfortunately she was left looking like a vampire/dweeby camp counselor, lol, oh well!
Her swimsuit’s this summer are size 3T. That blows my mind.
Her sunglasses. RIP sunglasses. They broke the next day, but before then, she wore them the entire time she was outside on Thursday. She wanted to put them on and take them off herself and she wanted to wear them upside down. They stayed on her head really well that way, so I was totally cool with it. I mean, I had practically painted her face white, Mulan style, so there wasn’t stress over looking super stylish anyway.
Apparently, I was in a pool picture posing mood on Thursday. Huh.
Abigail had a blast playing by the steps of the pool(The drop off is right behind her and she had no fear of leaping off into it, so Daddy is lurking behind her) with her net and sea toys. She enjoyed filling up her net, throwing them one by one back into the pool, and watching either Mommy or Daddy fetch them for her.
Another one of Abigail’s favorite pool past times is letting Daddy launch her into the air. I’m no good at playing that particular game, so it’s reserved for Daddy’s only. They played like that for a very long time. She kept squealing and shouting for more while she was still in the air. Crazy girl!
Thursday night we had dinner at Dewey’s. We all thought we were going to a restaurant my Aunt and Uncle went to last year, but it wasn’t the same one. It had been recommended by some people in our unit though so we decided to give it a try. Due to a miscommunication and poor hostessing/management, our 15 minute wait ended up turning into a hour long wait. Fortunately, I had brought a lot of food with me for Abigail so she was fine. She had blueberries, bell pepper, crackers, and an apple sauce pouch while we all waited. Some members of our party weren’t impressed by the food, but Jim ate the best fish of the whole trip there and I tried an amazing crab cake sandwich that I enjoyed immensely. So, while I could have done without the hour wait, we thought our meals were worth it.
They had this cool outdoor waiting area that we all enjoyed sitting in while we waited. They also had a tv playing the Disney Channel, so when A was finished with her dinner she and I came out and watched some while we waited for everyone else to finish their meals.
I think I failed to mention they were playing the movie “Camp Rock”. Yes, I love my daughter so much I sat with her through it. I think that cancels out my being stingy with my ice cream.
Be on the lookout for my fourth and final installment of our beach trip! Hoping to have it up soon!

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