Beach Vacation: Part 2

Our mornings went something like this(as long as the guys weren’t playing golf):
Abigail wakes up at 7ish
Daddy gets her up and they eat an enormous breakfast together
Watch a video
Mom wakes up around 9(ahh..the bliss)
We put on sunscreen, swimsuits, and head down to the pool/beach until lunch/nap time around 11
Abigail wasn’t too keen on her float in the pool. We only used it a few times. She also only really liked her puddle jumper to wear down to the pool and for the first few minutes in the pool, then she wanted it off and liked floating on her own instead.
Dinner Monday night was at the Hog’s Breath Saloon. It was my least favorite meal of the whole trip, but it was also the fastest, herego, Mama got some of her muchly, greatly, desperately desired ColdStone.
I got a small coffee ice cream with caramel ad whipped topping mixed in, Jim got rocky road without the chocolate chips. Abigail mooched off everyone in near proximity and llooooved herself some ice cream.
I tried to hide mine and pretend like it was all gone. Mother of the year?
Okay, okay, she did get a few bites from me, but I did try to steer her towards Daddy’s chocolatey goodness instead.

A few things worth noting in this series of pictures:

My sunglasses- Jim found them in a softball dugout after a game. No one claimed them. Score for me!

Abigail’s hair- Oh my lanta. This is what happens when you take out pigtails.

The weather- Super cloudy. Looks like rain. We had rain half the time we were there. We had a couple perfect weather days, a couple halfway decent days, and our very last day was ruined by all day rain/storms.

Abigail really enjoyed the beach as long as she had shovels and toys to dig and play with. She played for a really long time just filling up sand and moving it around to different places.
She liked putting her feet in the ocean for a little bit, but a few times “big” waves crashed into her and she did not like that much at all, so she was content to hang back and ask to go back to the pool instead.

I’m including these pics, specifically for my Mother and husband. Jim begged and begged and begged and begged me to go out into the ocean to ride waves with him. And, let me be honest, I freaking hate going out into the ocean. I hate that it’s dark, we all know what kind of crazy crap lives in there, and it scares me.
But, because I am such a kind and loving wife, I finally caved and agreed to go into that vast, dark expanse to make my husband happy.
Until a giant school of fish swam past my legs.
I was done-zo.
Sorry, hubby!
On Tuesday evening we didn’t go out to eat because we had our beach photo shoot! It went so well and I am SO SO excited to see the proofs. When we finally get them they will be an entire post on their own 🙂 !!
And just for fun, a few comparison shots from last year:

But wait, there’s still more to come!!

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