An afternoon at the park!!

The weather today was absolutely beautiful! It was around 75, sunny, and breezy. We headed to a nearby park with our good friends, the Wilcox’s, and spent a good hour and a half tiring our kids out!

Abigail absolutely loves being outside(she did NOT get that from me). So, I’m super happy that the weather is finally starting to warm up so we can get out of the house a bit(for free!!), burn some of her super toddler energy, and soak up some Vitamin D.

So, I decided to attempt “Abigail swings: Part II”. Here’s how it went:

Yeah….not so good. But then I was reminded of something:

Abigail was approx. 2 days old in this picture. It is also approx. the only time she ever rode in her dang swing. She HATED it. Apparently, her feelings on the issue haven’t changed much over the past year or so.

Moving on.

Here is my girl and her baby friend, Indie, playing their little hearts out!

We had SO much fun today! I know we will definitely be going back frequently as long as the weather cooperates. Now we just need Daddy to come with us so we can get some Mama/baby and Daddy/baby shots! Plus, I just have this inkling that she will think swinging is so awesome when Daddy does it with her. I guess we’ll have to see:)

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