Sunday afternoon fun!

Today was another beautiful day outside! After church, while Abigail was in her crib(refusing to nap), Jim and I worked out in the yard. I seeded and redid the mulch, while he raked, watered, and laid down top soil. We’re hoping our grass improves significantly this year. Last summer was so devastatingly hot that it ruined a lot of our plants, trees, and grass.
After I caved and decided to go get Abigail up from her bed, we came outside and played while Daddy finished up his portion of the yard work. She got to ride in her cozy coupe for the very first time! We jokingly refer to it as the “sin wagon”. I read this book a while back and LOVED it. She tells a hilarious story about how they scored a used cozy coupe for cheap and thought their kids would love it. As expected they did, but unfortunately, out came the lovely little sin natures of all her kids….and any other kid in close proximity. Their cozy coupe went bye bye. We’ll have to see how Abigail can handle the responsibility of her first car, lol!
We also got out the bubbles. They were SO MUCH FUN! It was pretty windy out so we didn’t even have to blow the wand. The wind took care of that for us. She would laugh and laugh as all the bubbles blew everywhere. I think we will be using our bubbles a lot this summer!
We are looking forward to finally having a slow paced week at home with all 3 of us in the same place!

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