A Day In The Life

One last day in the life post before baby brother! I ended up chronicling what is quite possibly the most boring day in the history of days- so apologies if I make your eyes bleed.

But hey, not every day can be filled with adventure and fanfare. So, here’s a nice, calm, laid back, albeit fairly boring…..day in the life.

Date: August 22, 2017.

Abigail is 6.5, Mabel is 27 months, I’m 35 weeks pregnant.

The girls clock goes off at 7:30am and they creep into my room to ask if they can use the iPad to watch a show. A lot of times they hop up on my bed and we watch it together, but on this day, they sneak back into their room to watch Curious George while I catch a few more minutes of rest before starting my day.

Around 8, Mabel and I head downstairs for breakfast and latte making, while Abigail does her “morning stuff” (brush teeth, go to the bathroom, etc)

On this particular day it is raining outside, so we decide to just stay home and have an official PJ day.

Mabel finishes her breakfast and heads into the living room to watch her “grrs” (Daniel Tiger) and Abigail comes down to eat her breakfast before starting school for the day.

We start school a little before 9 while Mabel keeps watching “grrs” (you can see her little head on the couch, haha!)

It goes until 9:30 so we try our best to get Abigail’s math done by then.

After Daniel Tiger ends, I turn off the TV and Mabel joins us in the dining room. She paints about 10 pictures….

And also plays at our feet on the floor. Taking care of her baby.

We finished school work around 11:30 and then headed upstairs to play for a while before lunch.

I let the girls play on their own and I got to work organizing Finn’s closet and sorting through the diapers we received at his shower over the weekend.

Then I noticed I heard the girls talking to someone……

Luckily it was my parents 😉

So I moved the girls to the kitchen island and fixed them some lunch, while they talked to Grammy and Pappy.

Yes. Abigail is eating plain leftover spaghetti noodles for lunch. Just, whatever man.

Immediately after lunch is always naps/quiet time.

Mabel naps in the girls room and I set her clock for 2 hours. On this day, when I leave her room I hear her start absolutely sobbing- so I go back in to see what she needs. She is upset that I didn’t give her a “thumbs up” before I left her room. LOL. So, I give her a DOUBLE thumbs up and she stops crying and goes right to sleep.

Abigail takes a “quiet time” in the sun room where she plays and does arts and crafts for 1 hour. And then I either work on blog stuff or take a nap. On this day, I took a nap!

After everyone was awake and out from quiet times, we headed back down to the living room for afternoon snacks and a show. We watched the Pixar shorts on Netflix.

Then it was time to play until Daddy got home from work!

Jim got home around 5:20. After he was sufficiently greeted and mauled to death by two little girls- we fixed dinner!

Oh yeah- the girls got a package from my Mom in the mail and Jim brought it up to them. It was some new coloring books from their recent trip to San Francisco!

So the girls colored together in the sun room while we got dinner ready.

We had pulled pork sandwiches and fresh fruit and veggies.

Unfortunately, after dinner, Jim had to 1) go to church to help schedule and pick out music for the next semester(pretty sure that’s not the right word at all…) with our pastor and then 2) go back to work until late.

So! It was just me and the girls for the rest of the night.

We played and had an epic dance party and read books and got ready for bed a little early(shhhh don’t tell them that!)

I left their room a little after 8:30, ate some Starburst, peed about 20 times, watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy(I’m in season 13!), worked on some blog stuff, and finally went to bed once Jim got home around midnight.

And that was our day!

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  1. I feel like “boring” days are the best ones to document because they are a true slice of life! And that picture of Mabel’s little head on the couch while Abigail does school is just the best!

  2. Looks like the perfect quiet day! So exciting/crazy that you will soon have a new little one to add to the mix!

  3. this day is so my speed on a rainy day!!! i love that school fits so easily into your natural glow, too. what a nice, cozy day you guys had!! i looove posts like these!

  4. Sweet post! I love rainy days at home. Yay for Daniel Tiger and it’s so sweet to see the girls playing and learning together. Plain noodles are always a big hit at my house. Sounds gross to me, but whatever it takes to feed these little people lunch. I always enjoy these posts and need to get on writing one for my family before we head back to school.

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