Cute baby!

So, this all started with brushing Abigail’s teeth.

She isn’t totally crazy about letting me get in there to scrub them, so Jim started this thing with her to get her to smile. He’d hold her hands(to keep them from getting in my way), put them under her chin, and say, “cute baby!” For some reason she will grin big and wide and it makes it easier for me to brush her teeth.

The other day I went to take a picture of her and said, “smile for mama!” and she busts out her “cute baby!” pose all by herself.

Case in point:

Here’s Daddy performing “Cute baby”
The day she bust it out on her own. I DIED laughing.
So, as you can see this has become baby girl’s go to pose for picture taking. They’re starting to all look the same though, so I think I need to get daddy to teach her a new pose. Maybe the duck lips? Or a peace sign?
I’ll have to brainstorm and see which direction we should go in.

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