Happy 4th!

I don’t think our 4th could have been any better.
The weather was spectacular, the food was endless(and divine), the company couldn’t have been sweeter, and the firework finale capped the day off perfectly.
I’ve been hard pressed to get Abigail to do anything but jump on the trampoline at Grandma Jenny’s house. She’s getting really good at jumping and keeps it up for a super long time.
 I’m impressed, but it still makes me so nervous!
While it was still light out, Abigail and her cousin, David, had lots of fun “frowin some pops!”
 Abigail’s Great Grandpa Spena read her and David a really sweet little poem that he’d picked out for them. I wasn’t sure how well it’d go over, but they both sat so nicely and listened so intently.
Proud mama moment!
“Umple Camrin” came to spend the 4th with us!
Yeah….we’ve entered that “learning how to smile for the camera phase”. Please bear with us.
Eatin her “Chinese”. I had told her earlier that we were going to have some brownies and I could not get it out of her head that I’d said “brownies” and not “Chinese”. Silly girl.
There aren’t many things sweeter than a picture of a happy Grandpa being dog piled by his grandchildren. Bliss.

This was the first year we let Abigail stay up late and watch the fireworks. She thought it was basically the coolest thing ever to wear her ear protection for the fireworks.

I pretty much ruined her night by not allowing her to jump on the trampoline in the dark, by herself….so she chose to swing with Grandma Jenny…while wearing her headphones…instead of sitting and watching the fireworks.

“Mean” mamas unite!

 After dinner we read the entire Declaration of Independence and the names of the 56 men who signed the document. We reflected on the sacrifice and persecution they faced for choosing to sign, the weight and sanctity of the words the document contains, and the charge to continue to fight for freedom and liberty today and in the future. Freedom isn’t free and it is only one generation away from being lost. Let it not be said of us that we were the ones who lost it.

May we have the same bold and courageous hearts that our Founding Father’s did.

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