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Mabel’s Baptism

“And I will establish my covenant between me and you and your offspring after you throughout their generations with an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your offspring after you.”
Genesis 17:7
On Sunday morning, June 12th, 2015 we had the privilege and blessing of baptizing and welcoming precious Mabel into the covenant family.

We promised to teach her, guide her, and shepherd her little life in all of the ways and beliefs of our Christian faith. Our family and congregation agreed to come alongside us to help our family achieve this. We promised to pray for her always and to help her to know that there has never been a time in her little life that Christ has not had a hold on her. From the start, she can look back to how He loved her- before she even had a chance to know him. So beautiful.

We certainly don’t believe that Mabel’s baptism has saved her. Someday, she will still need to acknowledge her own sin and profess her own belief in Jesus to be saved, but she will always be able to point back to her baptism as a time when God had already started working in her precious heart and life.

We were so thankful to have quite a few family members present to celebrate with us- My parents, Jim’s parents, and my Mimi. Every baby should be so loved!

“I am Jesus little lamb, ever glad at heart I am; For my Shepherd gently guides me, knows my need and well provides me, loves me every day the same, even calls me by my name.”


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  1. Such a beautiful day! Baptismal days are among my favorite in the lives of little ones.
    We received a candle for Marcus' baptism, and each year on his baptismal day we light it for just a little bit to remember the special days as well as to have a sweet reminder that the Lord is our light and to give thanks and praise Him.

  2. What a special day! Abigail's face is just so adorable and expressive! What a proud big sis! Hallie's Godfather is a priest and he and his best friend came in all the way from New Orleans to Baptize her!

  3. What an amazing day and experience.

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