1 Month Of Mabel!

Oh sweet little Miss Mabel, you are one month old! This has been the happiest and most wonderful month in our family. You surprised us by coming so quickly and much earlier than we were expecting but we are so thankful that you did! The two extra weeks that we have gotten with you on the outside instead of the inside have been so wonderful. You are the sweetest, most wonderful little baby and we love you so much.

This month your Grammy has been staying with us to help with Mama’s recovery, big sister Abigail’s adjustment, and all of the things around the house- allowing me to spend almost every waking(and sleeping) minute with you, snuggling, nursing, and getting to know each other. It has been perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better first month with you.

Big sister has been adjusting this month to the changes from Mom and Dad, but she positively adores you, Mabel! She always talks to you in this high pitched voice and usually says something like, “Hi Mabel! It’s me, Abigail! Your big sister!” and she pats you and kisses you frequently. You’ve had lots of books read to you by your big sis and she already talks about the things she can’t wait to teach you- like baby sign language and how to eat your vegetables :p

In your first month of life you have been so many places! Lots of restaurants, the mall, Target, church, and some house hunting(because your parents are crazy, yes.)

I don’t know how big you are, but I can tell you this, you are plumping up quickly! At a few days old you were already back to your birth weight(right at 7 pounds!), so I’d imagine that now you are probably 8ish pounds? You are wearing all of your newborn clothes but won’t be in them for much longer! You are also still in newborn diapers, but size 1’s are just around the corner! As soon as we finish up the packages we have it will be time to move you up. I love your snuggly, tiny sweetness but I also love that you are eating so well and growing so much!

Speaking of eating, you have been a champion nurser since day 1! You eat every 2-3 hours around the clock, awake or asleep, and quickly. In 15-20 minutes you are a full and happy baby. You burp well and so far only spit up occasionally. Whenever it’s time to eat and I lean you over you start this super fast breathing like you are JUST SO EXCITED that it’s finally time to eat! It’s absolutely precious.

The only time you really fuss and cry is right before you have to poop. Poor little thing, you curl your legs up and wail. So we plop you in the magical sleep and poop contraption- otherwise known as the Rock N Play. You sleep in there most of the time at night and it puts you in proper pooping position to help things along.

Speaking of sleeping…..we’re getting more than we ever did with big sis, but it’s still not tons. You wake up to eat somewhere between every 2-3 hours. You nurse, get a diaper change, and then I attempt to put you down in the RNP. Sometimes you snuggle in and go to sleep there and sometimes you won’t have it and you get to sleep on Mama or Daddy instead. In your first week or two we swaddled you, but you seem to be pretty warm natured AND super mad when your arms are strapped down. So for the last week or so I’ve just been loosely wrapping a blanket around your lower half when you’re in the RNP and that works best.

You are definitely well on your way to having big blue eyes just like Daddy and your hair is growing tons! You already have a small baby mullet and it is over the top of your ears. You also have one super long hair on the very top of your head that sticks straight up and reminds me of a “who” from Dr. Suess. It is adorable! You make a certain expression frequently(raised eyebrows, scrunched forehead) that makes you look JUST like your Daddy. You look a lot like your sister, a lot like your Mama, and a lot like your Daddy. How you can look so much like three different people and still look entirely like yourself beats me, but it sure makes you cute!

Your sweet little personality is so different than I was expecting. You were such a mover and a shaker on the inside, I was expecting quite the firecracker to arrive. But instead you are sweet, snuggly, and laid back. You go with the flow and you enjoy just slowly taking in your surroundings. You are content to be toted around everywhere with us, in your wrap or your car seat, you are happy.

You love your Mama and Daddy, your orange paci, nursing, bath time, and big sister.

You have brought so much happiness into our home, Mabel. We all positively adore you and we are so happy that you are here with us. I know that each month with you will go faster than the last, so I am just savoring every single second of your babyness. We love you little girl!


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  1. Well isn't she just the sweetest! Her & Finn could practically be twins because he loves some good heavy breathing right before latching on & hates popping! 'Tis the life of a newborn.

  2. She is so sweet, I can't believe how quickly the month has flown by. I'm almost in disbelief that she's a month already, it seems like she just got her! 🙂 Glad she's such a chill baby and you're enjoying her! XO

  3. aww she is so precious and seems like such s laid back baby!!!! i hope my next one is like miss mabel, because my firstborn darling princess was/is not what you would call laid back! haha! congratulations on your little baby beauty!!

  4. "Hi Mabel! It's me, Abigail! Your big sister!" How cute is this!

    I so want a little girl to put cute bows on. 🙂 Maybe some day. Happy 1st month, Mabel!

  5. She is so precious! What a special first month with her!

    And I wanted to throw in a little bit about how your story has helped give me some hope [like I'm sure it has for so many!] I'm currently in my own impending [in a month] battle with secondary infertility. Its such a heartbreaking thing to experience, but lovely women like you who aren't afraid to share your experiences & have such a beautiful success story help me keep going & know that there is always hope!

  6. She is SO beautiful Courtney! Seriously–I would snuggle her all day long too! You just got me super excited!!! Love me a squishy newborn!

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