A Little Bit Of January Stuff

I swear I can put together an entire post filled with all sorts of edited photos and content and seriously never come up with a post title. It’s the hardest thing EVER! If you’re a post titling master, send me an email, pronto, and give me all of your best and brightest stock blog post titles. Thanks a mil.

So, we’ve been up to stuff. (Who hasn’t?)

This time next week we’ll be in a new month, so let’s recap a bit of January, eh?

Look at those cuties. It was 70 degrees yesterday. Yep, SEVENTY. So we got outside and played all day. It was wonderful for everyone! The park, the backyard, the front yard, the neighborhood. We saw it all.

Last week, my sister in law and I helped host a baby shower for my other sister in law up in Kansas City. She had Emma on December 1st, but Brittainy(who lives in Phoenix!) wanted to wait and throw her shower until after Emma had arrived so that she could meet her! That worked well for all of us, so a January shower it was!

Before that though, Miss Abigail and I took a trip to the mother ship to pick out Emma’s baby gifts.

We pretty much had the best time together ever, ever, ever.

Abigail had tons of great baby gift ideas(she is a master big sister, after all) so we landed on a sound machine, baby bows, some new footed pj’s, and a lovey.

Then it was shower time!

What better baby shower theme for January than “Baby, it’s cold outside”? There isn’t one. I tell ya. Check out this baby shower I hosted a few years ago! 

The party went well and their girls were fantastic the entire trip! We got to spend the night at Grandma’s house and came home the next afternoon.

Which gave us time for….

The return of dance class!

Our old dance class closed down, so Abigail has been danceless since last spring. But our neighbor invited us to her dance group just down the street from us and it was a major hit with Miss Abigail! Unlike her last class, this is tap + ballet and she is just ALL about it.

As if you couldn’t tell.

Next up!

RIP me. This photo. I’m just dead and gone forever.

So, last weekend, Jim took the girls to his parents lake house for the weekend. So Mabel’s photo is a product of Dad dressing. Also that life jacket.

While they played and fished and had a jolly good time, I spent the weekend organizing the rest of Abigail’s school for the year, organizing every dresser and closet in the house, and cleaning it from top to bottom. I donated three bags and trashed four more(seriously…how???!)

I also found a little time to watch some movies, so all in all, solid weekend.

Then my babies returned to me and it was a wonderful reunion.

And even though it had been two days and I was wondering if maybe she would forget about it, after a hello hug and snuggle Mabel looked up at me with her big brown eyes and promptly signed “milk!” sooo, apparently we aren’t quite done with that yet 😉

And I had to add in this face because look at it! I make her leave her pacis in her crib once she leaves it, but she always sneaks up in here and tries to climb up and get them. I snapped this picture when I asked her what she was doing. Typically, when she is doing something she shouldn’t she says, “hiiii!!” Which I’m pretty sure is what she is saying here 😉

And that’s a little bit of our January! I have some more fun stuff for you coming on Friday AND I might have a super fun giveaway to one of my very favorite things planned for next week!

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  1. Your girls are the cutest. Yay for getting a little time to yourself in the house! Would be awesome to get a whole weekend to myself to clean and organize, as hard as it probably was, feels good to be organized right?

  2. Ask was reading about the girls being at the lake house I found myself wondering, “Did Mabel wean and I missed that post?” So sweet that she wanted that time with mama as soon as she got back.

  3. I am so with you, coming up with the title is the hardest part of a blog post for me!

    I love that life jacket photo, so cute! I like the idea of a baby shower after the baby is born!! How fun!

  4. I am so envious of you weekend alone! The closest thing I got was being able to nap a few times during the worst cold ever 😉 But seriously, it sounds good but then reality is, you miss everyone too much lol.

  5. Haha, love sweet Mabel! We used to do the same thing with Wyatt’s pacis and he would go lay in bed just so he could have it. At least she’s not climbing in there! 😉

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