Our Great Big Cross Country Road Trip

Over TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED MILES in the car with our three children.

I just feel like those numbers need to be in all caps (ie me shouting at you) because that is a lot (a lot a lot a lot) of time in the car with littles and I kind of think that all five of us deserve some mega participation trophies for not only surviving the trip- but actually enjoying ourselves while we did it!

I wouldn’t have believed it was possible, but you know what, it really was a great trip.

The kids were amazing. We had the best time.

I mean, sure, it took us like a lifetime to get anywhere because we had to stop every 2-3 hours for a baby to nurse, and a 2 year old to go to the bathroom, and every stop took like 30-45 min and sometimes it felt like we were just crawling along. But! We made it to all of our destinations in one day of travel each time (GO US) and it was never miserable.

We planned in places to stop halfway if we felt like we needed to stop and stay the night at a hotel and continue on our journey the next day, but we just never opted to do that. We pressed on driving until we got to our goal and that was that!

We drove from our house in Missouri to Carrollton, GA to visit Jim’s grandparents. We had never taken the kids there before and he wanted them to get to see their home(s)! While we were there, I got to meet one of my very best blog friends in person for the first time. Such a small world that she lives in the exact same tiny GA town!

From Carrollton, we drove to Orlando, FL. Jim’s latest short film was nominated for Best Director at the International Christian Film Festival so he wanted to be there to meet people and of course, be present to win! (He didn’t, but I got to go with him and it was a lot of fun) Of course, we spent a day at Disney while we were there- which was a blast! My Mimi drove over and my parents came too!

From Orlando, we drove on to Gatlinburg, TN to spend a few days at a timeshare with Jim’s parents and grandparents. Lots of HGTV was consumed during this time. It was glorious.

And then we made the trek back home to Missouri.

It was crazy, but it was worth it! In fact, we kind of discussed driving to the beach this fall instead of flying since the kids did so well. But then we decided against it 😉

Anyway! Here are some pictures from our Griswold Family Vacation.

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  1. That’s awesome!! So glad your trip went really well. We’re driving to Florida in June. I’m excited and a little nervous about how well the 2 year old never stops moving boy will do on the drive. The 5 year old will love the adventure. Did you have anything that was extra fun or exciting for the girls in the car??

  2. You look so beautiful in your white dress at what I am assuming is the film awards. Looks like you had a Wonderful time despite the humongous amount of miles you traveled.

  3. You guys are rockstars for taking your kids on a roadtrip that far! We did an 8-hour trip a couple summers ago, but this year we will have a 5-month old coming with us on a 6-hour trip! Makes me nervous, but sounds like you guys did good!

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