Stitch Fix Review #17 + A Giveaway!

(Be sure to make it to the end of this post…there is a Stitch Fix giveaway waiting for you at the end of it!)

So, it has been a minute since my last Stitch Fix box! Life was crazy with the holidays and everything so I opted to take a few months off from shopping for myself 😉 But! That’s over now, ha!

As usual, my stylist Nicole sent me a lovely box filled with lots of great options for me! Take a look!

Ink Love & Peace Monta Knit Pullover Sweatshirt

Ink Love & Peace Monta Knit Pullover Sweatshirt Ink Love & Peace Monta Knit Pullover Sweatshirt

This top is pretty basic and nondescript(just my speed!) and so I wasn’t sure if it was something worth getting excited over. But paired with my new leggings and my favorite basic boots? Uh, love!

41Hawthorn Liss Button Back Striped Pullover

41Hawthorn Liss Button Back Striped Pullover 41Hawthorn Liss Button Back Striped Pullover

Nicole sent me another fairly basic top(she gets me) with this one. The stripes and gray + mint combo is gold. Plus, paired with my Lila Ryan skinny jeans from box #16 I have myself a great, casual outfit to wear!

Yosi Samra Samantha Metallic Toe Ballet Flats

Yosi Samra Samantha Metallic Toe Ballet Flats

I have to admit that I was way more excited about the picture of these(because y’all know I ALWAYS peek at what is coming in my box!) than once they actually arrived. In the photo, they looked light pink and sparkly toed. But upon arrival, they are tan(?? brown is the new pink?) and actually metallic toed instead of sparkly.

Not what I was expecting, but still super cute. And fit perfectly!

Loveappella Lolla Woven Back Mixed Media Knit Top

Loveappella Lolla Woven Back Mixed Media Knit Top Loveappella Lolla Woven Back Mixed Media Knit Top

Oh this top. I was SO stinking excited about you. And then you had to go and be so super short in the front. Whyyyy! I love the gray, I love the back- LOVE THE BACK, love the floral, love the colors….love pretty much everything about it, except how it looks on me.

Just Black Joey Skinny Jean

Just Black Joey Skinny Jean

Oh Stitch Fix. You and your magical ways with sending pants that fit like a glove. Seriously. How you doin that?

You all know how much I love myself some Stitch Fix. But I’m not the only one! Some of my favorite blogger friends and I have teamed up together to give you all a chance to win a $150 Stitch Fix giftcard! All you have to do to enter in the Stitch Fix Giveaway is use the widget below. (the giveaway runs through midnight on February 8th!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Curious about what I kept and what I sent back? Leave me a comment with your guess and I’ll reply via email letting you know! 🙂

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  1. I love the top sweater too! I am just about to finish nursing my 4th baby and planning on doing my first stitch fix later this year when I am back to my normal size in all the areas. 🙂 I wanted to enter to win this giveaway, but I am not a cool kid…no Twitter or instagram. Oh well!

  2. I think you sent back the shoes and the mixed media top. I would have been disappointed with the shoes being tan if I was expecting pink and I don’t think I could have recovered enough to keep them. 😉
    This is fun to guess!

  3. I love that you are keeping it a mystery what you kept! I’m going to guess you kept the stripped top and the black jeans. I have to say, that mixed media top is adorable. Too bad it’s too short in front.

  4. So funny how wildly different all of your boxes were! I hope you kept those jeans and that mint and gray top, although all of it looked great on you! That gray and floral sweater was so stinkin’ cute.

  5. So that pullover must be a redesign because I have nearly the exact same one from 2 years or so ago that I LOVE but recently got a stain on it that I can’t get out! I got those flats in a box too and I agree that they looked sort of tan in person. I didn’t keep them. I think you kept the sweatshirt, the pullover, and the jeans. 🙂

  6. Ah, seriously, you make everything look adorable! I love it all. The shoes and pants are staples and the shirts are perfect for the transition to spring!

  7. Everything you pictured was amazing! I think your loveapella lolla shirt was gorgeous, too! But, I’m guessing you sent it back…along with the shoes. Seriously, though, you looked beautiful in all of it!

  8. So, your box was GOOD! But, bummer about the short in front floral, because, DANG, it was cute!!
    As for the mint and gray stripes. I have a similar SF top and it’s currently on heavy rotation!

  9. You are so tricky making us leave a comment to tell us what you kept 😉
    I love that first pink top (I’ve already forgotten all the names lol) and the black jeans! Oh and that gray top but I HATE when tops are too short in the front, so I wouldn’t have kept it based on that even though the back was gorgeous!

  10. Oh, I love everything in your box. I want that striped grey and mint sweater!! Pinning that one right now! And those shoes are super super cute! I’ve never done SF shoes, but maybe I need to try them!

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