Stitch Fix Review #13

I mentioned in my last Stitch Fix post that Stitch Fix has done an amazing job filling out my Fall and Winter wardrobe, but that I am still very much on the hunt for warm weather things to update my closet with. I put in my note this time around that I would like to try a pair of shorts and that I would like some summery tops that I can wear a regular bra in(still nursing! no strapless/cami/whatever it is the kids are wearing these days). And oh did my sweet stylist, Nicole, ever come through for me! I always peek when my box ships, but I could only find 2 of the 5 items that were headed my way, so it was really exciting to find out what I was getting in this box! So here it is, Stitch Fix Review #13!

Stitch Fix Style Card
Look at her. That Nicole. Isn’t she the best?

Stitch Fix Review #13

Market & Spruce Bernadette Lace Overlay Raglan Top

Dear John Finnegan Cuffed Short
Market & Spruce Bernadette Lace Overlay Raglan Top

Dear John Finnegan Cuffed Short

So I have lots of things to say about these two items!

First up, the shorts. I love these shorts. Love, love, love them. They are a fantastic quality and once again, Stitch Fix has the magical ability to send me pants that fit like a glove. Like really, I’m convinced that it is magic. The length and fit of these shorts are absolutely perfect.

That being said, I have two reservations. The blue color and the pockets. Honestly, I love the blue, I’m just not sure how much use I’d get out of them. Like, what do you pair with bright blue other than…white? Nicole suggested that I pair this shirt with these shorts, but paired together I’m not really feeling it. I think if I could have these shorts in a more traditional color- white? Black? Denim? I would wear the heck out of them.

Secondly, the top. This was one of the items I was able to sneak a peek of before it arrived and I was super excited because I’m totally basic like that. Lace + gray? Yes, please! But, to be honest, I do not love this shirt. What I was most excited about ended up being the shirt I was least happy with.

I don’t like how it fits me, it seems kind of huge? And I’m not a big fan of how the lace isn’t completely attached to the shirt either.

Le Lis Pascal Scoop Neck Blouse

Le Lis Pascal Scoop Neck Blouse

Le Lis Pascal Scoop Neck Blouse

This shirt is absolutely beautiful and I just love it. I love the print, I love the style, I love the color. Nicole suggested pairing it with my mint pants and HELLO LOVER this shirt got even more beautiful. The problem? Once again, it’s kind of huge on me(Thanks, Stitch Fix for unintentionally boosting my ego by sending me clothes that are too big). But really, as you can see in the top picture, you can see my bra right through the arm holes. And I guess some people are into that? I’m not really.

I don’t know if sizing down would fix the issue or if the cut of this shirt is what the problem is, but I’m really sad about it because I want this shirt to be mine!

Daniel Rainn Kelso Eyelet Sleeve Top

Daniel Rainn Kelso Eyelet Sleeve Top

Daniel Rainn Kelso Eyelet Sleeve Top
Overlook the wrinkles and see the cute shirt instead! I love this color, I love the details on the sleeves, I love the back of this shirt.

Buttttt, once again, huge? Like, I get that it is supposed to be flowy, and I’m actually good with that. It is different than what I normally wear because I usually gravitate toward more fitted, but I’m trying to break free of that because I really love pizza and burrito bowls and flowy tops seem to be a fantastic solution to that. But this one just seemed extra big on me. Maybe it’s just me though?

Moon and Sky Neesha Lace Detail Knit Top

Moon and Sky Neesha Lace Detail Knit Top

Moon and Sky Neesha Lace Detail Knit Top

Lastly, this beautiful pink and lace top. I love this one too. The color is beautiful, the lace is lovely, and hooray! It isn’t enormous on me like the other shirts in this box! I’m thinking that this top is my favorite out of the whole box.

And that’s it for Stitch Fix Review #13! I am still so crazy in love with this service and I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a fun way to refresh their wardrobe. Is it the cheapest and thriftiest way to do it? No, it isn’t. So if that is what you are looking for, Stitch Fix isn’t for you. But if you are motivated by convenience(having someone pick out your clothes for you, having them hand delivered to your door step, trying them on in your own home with your own things, and with a prepaid envelope to send back without ever having to leave your house), the fun surprise of having someone choose special and unique items just for you, and having clothes that no one else around you has, then definitely give Stitch Fix a try. I have had a few friends ask me for SF advice recently and I was able to convince them to give it a try. And guess what? They love it just as much as I do!

Want to try it for yourself? Use my referral link HERE and get yourself your own Stitch Fix box!

What do you think? Which pieces should I keep? Which item is your favorite?


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  1. I love all of the items in your SF box, but I’d say my fav is that shorts. They look so nice on you and the color is so fun! Gotta love a successful box.

  2. I think I would have kept your entire box! Those shorts look great on you and I’m a huge fan of flowy tops… But I totally get your reasons for not keeping each of the items.

  3. I love those blue shorts! You could wear them with so much, white black grey (and that’s pretty much the majority of my closet 😉 haha). But also some pastels would look cute too. I really liked the two middle shirts, and I hate they were too big on you.

  4. I love the blue shorts! I have a blue and white striped maxi skirt and I wear almost every color top with it. Bright pink, soft pink, yellow, gray, melon, black, green, etc. I also love the two middle tops and I’m sorry they are too big. Stitch Fix is so fun!

  5. LOVE that Le Lis top – such bummer it’s too big. Have you tried asking for a size smaller? I’ve heard that they’ll sometimes accommodate such requests.

  6. Those blue shorts are so cute!!! You can wear black, brown, tan, grey, mint, white, and maybe even peach and lavender with them!

    The pink/peach top is the only one I would keep- the others are cute too, but honestly, they look too big.

  7. You have no choice but to keep the pink and lace shirt. 😉 It seems to fit exactly the way you were hoping all the shirts would fit. I’d majorly debate on keeping the blue shorts as well and ship back the rest!

  8. those shorts are super cute on you, but i am not stylish enough to know what else to wear with coloured shorts. i have a pair of blue patterned shorts and i literally only wear white with them hahaha. why is everything so big on you?! you must be teeny tiny 😉 i guess like you said, it’s nicer to your ego for things to be big than too small. that last top is super pretty!

  9. Love that pink top! It’s gorgeous on you. And that floral top is so pretty too, but I agree too big. Bummer about how big everything was on you, but trust me – that’s a way better feeling than too small! 🙂

  10. I love that floral top! But it did look a little too big/flowy so I might send it back, even though it is beautiful. The other tops were all so pretty too, but the fit of that last one seemed perfect for you. I’m all about a shirt fitting well, most of my tops are more form fitting, but if I could find a few tops that fit like that last blush one, that would be awesome. But I’m a creature of habit and cheap, so I stick with what I know and what’s cheap. Eh… maybe when I’m older I’ll change my ways? If I were you I’d keep the top that I like the fit of best. It’s pointless to have a cute top that you never wear because you feel like Dumbo in it. You know? And those shorts are cute! Could you pair them with green [wait, you don’t have green, right? ;], purple, pink, a cute graphic print, or yellow? That’s what I would probably do if I really liked the fit of them. What will you keep?!

  11. Fun outfit options, but I agree that you could easily size down in many of the tops. I liked the fun shoes and the variety of colors. You’re smart to stay true to your style and only keep things you know you’ll wear. Those shorts look great on you and I’d pair them with any solid colored shirt, chambray, polka-dots, florals, etc. Also, I’m loving your new outfit photo spot 🙂

  12. My favorite is the shorts and the last top. I think you should keep the shorts. Although it would be nice to have a more neutral color, it is nice to have a few statement pieces that really stand out. I’m sure you could turn to Pinterest to find lots of inspiration.

  13. That’s awesome they send you shorts and pants that fit! That’s fun. I do like the blue shorts. I just bought a pair of green shorts from J Crew and I think they’re so fun! I think you could wear them with more than you think. Great setting for pics in your new backyard 🙂

  14. Yep, size down! Those tops are so cute on you, but clearly there’s just too much fabric!
    Those shorts!! Please keep them. That color looks SO GOOD on you! Black, white, black and white strips, and print that might have some blue in it.

  15. I love the eyelet sleeved top and I think the flowy look works with the style, but I totally get wanting it to fit better.

  16. I LOVE the shorts, the scoop neck blouse and the pink shirt with the lace on the back! Keep all three! The lacey 3/4 shirt is ehh. It’s pretty and I actually got one a couple fixes ago and thought I would love it because Desiree got one and it looks AMAZING on her, but it just didn’t do it for me. That mint top looks too big for you and I don’t love it, though the color is pretty. But the other three… yes!!!

  17. oooh the last two shirts are my fav!!! and i think i have an oversized shirt addiction, myself. i blame boobs. and super surprised she suggested the blue shorts and that shirt together because i think i would like the blue shorts way better not paired with that top!! like a white top instead, i like that suggestion!

  18. I love the style of all of the shirts, but agree about the fit. I changed my sizing for tops when that happened, so I’m hoping that my next fix (tomorrow!) will have some better fitted tops. Love the shorts though!

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