The As Is Home Tour 2016

A while back Cindy emailed me and asked if I would be interested in joining her and some other bloggers in participating in an “As Is Home Tour”. The idea being, that we don’t wait until we have a “reveal” ready to go to show off our rooms and homes- that we show them just how they are, right now!

Obviously, I loved the concept so I was more than happy to join in and I’m so thankful that she¬†invited me!

If you’ve been following along or linking up(thank you!) with #TheAsIsHomeTour you may have seen most of these pictures already, but if not, here is what our house looks like currently(or at least, as of last week!)

We had a room/space a day that we all shared and it was SO much fun. I loved getting to share our home that we have been pouring SO MUCH TIME into since December and it was SO much fun getting to see everyone else’s spaces as well!

So, here you have it. Home Sweet Spena ūüôā
IMG_8396 IMG_8474

You can read all about the things that we have done(and still have left to do!) to the exterior of our home HERE And would you believe it, it already looks different since that post! Go team!

IMG_8480 IMG_8485
I shared our backyard, which I have full intentions of trying to make Team Braverman status. Jim has visions of a hot tub behind the deck. So, basically our yard is only going to keep getting more awesome.
Here is our entry! I mentioned on IG that I don’t particularly love what I have going on in this space right now. I’ve moved things around in here multiple times and still haven’t found anything that I love yet. We just added the pew since going to Indiana and I love it, so that will definitely be staying but otherwise, I’m still trying to figure out what I should do.

Once we’ve fully recovered from them trauma of doing Abigail’s wallpapered bedroom(*wink*) we will start the process of removing all of the painted wallpaper(all of the green) in the entry and stairway and hall upstairs. So I’ve been using this time as trial and error and figuring out what exactly I might want!

Also, yes, Mabel’s birthday party was a month ago and I still haven’t changed that chalkboard.
IMG_8605 IMG_8620
Here is our living room! It is a huge space that houses our tv and couches along with our piano, our computer desk, and a few other superfluous pieces of furniture.

For a while that far wall has been totally empty, but I recently found that dresser at TJ Maxx and thought it would be the perfect addition to our living room. Now I just need to style it! I’ve had that chalkboard sitting on it for like….months trying to decide whether I want to leave it there or not. I’m thinking not? I’m also not sure what the heck I want to do. So, there’s that.
IMG_8634 IMG_8645
I keep meaning to write a post about this dining room. It’s current state. My current vision. Our plans for making it over. But, alas, that hasn’t happened yet.

Just know I’m hoping for shiplap, farmhouse tables, new light fixtures, and all things bright, light, and airy.

And not cracked, peeling up, painted wallpaper.

IMG_8663 IMG_8666
The kitchen!! I love our little kitchen. We still have a few more things we want to do in here before it is “done”(for the time being) but as it is, I adore it. It can get crazy warm around dinner time when the sun sets and shines in the windows over the sink, but otherwise, zero complaints. It is a great space.

And while everyone is on HGTV obsessing over having an open floor plan- I’m happy as a clam working by myself in my closed off kitchen where I can’t see or hear anyone ūüėČ
The bathrooms!

First up is our upstairs bathroom. Literally, like a day before this picture was taken we had a blue bathroom with a big black mirror/cabinet, and nothing on the walls other than rusty old picture hangers.

I was getting ready one morning and just couldn’t take it anymore. So I grabbed a can of sample paint that we had in the basement and painted it white(seriously!) A quick trip to Hobby Lobby got me the BATH sign and shelves, we changed out the mirror for one we had hanging up in the hall and boom- instantly better. So, so, so much better.

We have plans to totally gut this bathroom. The tiles on the walls need to go(they’re painted), the small sink, the tiny toilet, the (not pictured) super short shower- they all need to go. But, until that day comes(it is still a while away!) it is much better and brighter and happier in here now.
The downstairs bathroom in great. I have always loved it. The floor, the subway tile, the cutest sink, and most gorgeous oval window. It only has a bathtub in here though, so at some point we will be adding a shower, adding more subway tile, and taking down the (once again) painted over wallpaper.
The bright and cheery guest room! Not much to say about this space other than the fact that this bed is even comfier than our bed in the master(which I just realized I never shared…oops!) Anyway, it’s always available! Come stay with us!
Mabel’s nursery!
The crazy thing about this room is that I planned and decorated and designed a nursery just for her in our last home and I was so sad to leave it. But, we moved into this house and her furniture fit in perfectly, her closet was shaped just right for her things, and the color that was already on the walls matched exactly. I mean, really, this room was made just for her. And I think it’s even better than what she had before.

Thankful doesn’t begin to touch it!
Abigail’s bedroom! You can read the blog post(plus source list!) all about her space HERE
Ice cream is the theme and it is the coolest(heh) and sweetest(heh) room in the entire house! Actually, it is so awesome I’ve considered asking her if we can trade. Because, that canopy. Am I right?
You wanna talk about “As Is”? Check out that ceiling! I started painting the ceiling this weekend and fully under estimated how much paint the textured ceiling would soak up….and the paint store was closed for the entire weekend. Oops.

So, this is our sunroom. We keep all of Abigail’s craft and school supplies out here. She has a gallery wall of her art and drawings on one wall(which is the cutest thing EVER) and we have a big bookshelf on the other. This room is surrounded by windows, which is cool, but I’d also like to do something with them. Sheer drapes? New blinds? Who knows.

And just like the upstairs bathroom, this room looks completely different than it did last week. I painted the door, the walls, the trim, and the start of the ceiling. We also just changed out the ceiling fan and I rearranged all of the furniture.

Basically, my thinking is this- does it need to be totally made over? Yes. Do we have the money to do that right now? No. Can I do some small things to make it much more inviting/homier/Courtneyish to make it easier to wait until we do? Yes! So that’s what I did!

I hope you enjoyed the As Is Home Tour! I have plans and hopes of blogging room by room to give more details and source lists for you guys at some point(and for my own posterity!), putting together a before & after post from when we moved in vs. now- even though I’m the queen of being the WORST at taking before & after photos, and also sharing some inspiration for future decor ideas. I have so many home ideas floating around over here- I just need to find the time to share it all with you!

And if you’re still a home decor mood- check out all of the other ladies who participated! They’re sharing their full As Is Home Tours on their blogs today as well!

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So what do you think? Which room is your favorite? Any decor suggestions?


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  1. I love your house! It’s beautiful yet you can tell that you live here! My goal has always been to decorate a space that you can tell people comfortably live in rather than feeling like a magazine!

  2. I loved following along on Instagram seeing your home tour. I just love y’alls new home and you’ve already done so much work. Very inspiring. We’re currently working on our dining room, and Thomas is always reminding me to keep working on just one room at a time or I’d probably be spending money like crazy trying to work on EVERY room at once haha.

    Also, I LOVE the idea of making your yard Braverman-like. I’d love to have an area with lights and a table to all hang out at.

  3. How fun, I always liked seeing your house as you’ve completed each room. I think you should keep the chalk board, but maybe paint it a darker color chalkboard. I think you’re not liking it because of the green color? Reminds me of a classroom? I think if you painted it with the dark chalkboard paint like the one in your entry you’d like it better?

  4. I love the idea behind the “as is” home tour. After all, it really is how we live with our homes as we are redoing them. You have such a cute, inviting and character filled home.

  5. You have such an adorable house! I love both Mabel’s & Abigail’s rooms- they’re both so cute. I really need to update both kids rooms at our house- they’re definitely lacking!

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