Stitch Fix #11

Everyone always comments on my Stitch Fix posts things like “You always get the best fixes!” and while, yes, I have gotten some wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Stitch Fix boxes- they aren’t always winners! I got a box that I begrudgingly kept one piece from the month I found out that I was pregnant with Mabel and I got a box that I sent everything back in my first postpartum box after I had Mabel.

This is another one of those boxes.

But, since I didn’t blog about the two other boxes that I didn’t love, I figured I would go ahead and show you what I got in this box. Maybe you will like the items! And you can definitely pin any of the pictures and request them yourself! But, for me? Major, major dud this time around.

Here goes!

My request to my stylist was some tops for spring, specifically some floral and that I would love to try some jeans. I really need some new jeans that don’t have holes all in the bottom of them…yeah.

41Hawthorn Ivy Split Neck Print Blouse 

Just Black Dolce Bootcut Jean

Okay, so, for me. I hate, LOATHE tab sleeve blouses. I don’t like button down tops. They’re just not my style. Like, at all.

In this box? They sent me THREE. Three!!

I always peek at my fixes before they come and when I saw that I was already disappointed. Seriously, I’m still shaking my head over it! Three of the same shirt that I hate, just different colors. I mean, what in the world.

So anyway, here is one of the shirts and the first pair of jeans. I like the flowers on this shirt and that’s it.

The jeans were a nice bootcut, which I liked. I really liked the dark wash as well. But they were WAY too long, and they were a mega polyester/spandex combo. I was really hoping for some high quality jeans to wear, you know, like actual denim. Not jeggings.

41Hawthorn Tameron Button Down Blouse 

Dark Red. Tab sleeve. AND missing the top button.

Pixley Cyprian Henley Blouse

Kut From The Kloth Dayna Skinny Jean

I loved the floral pattern of this shirt! But once again, that is all. Just no. Tab sleeve, one pocket, button down….nope.

These were the pair of skinny jeans they sent, which I also liked the fit of, but…againnnnn they were a polyester/spandex blend that just didn’t feel like a long term pant investment. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong about that. I just wasn’t thrilled over them.

And, while we’re here and talking about myself, let’s talk about the hot mess that is my hair. Let’s just say we’re going through a rough patch. I had my hair stylist cut my hair a few weekends ago- she brought it up a few inches because the ends were ROUGH. So, it’s way healthier and non scraggly on the ends, but my post partum new growth is just sprouting around all over my face and never lays down. Instead of fighting it, I think I’m just going to have to embrace that my head is going to be redonk for a few more weeks/months and then maybe it’ll look normal again 😉

One thing that I am totally loving this box around though is my Rocksbox! I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll mention it again- Rocksbox is great! It’s kind of like Stitch Fix for jewelry. You create a wishlist and your stylist sends you three pieces for you to use/wear as long as you want, then you can either keep it(buy it) or send it back. And then they’ll send you a new set with three new pieces. These earrings came in my last box and they are something I never ever ever EVER would have picked out for myself, but I wore them all weekend long! They were such a great size and I totally loved them. So if you’re into jewelry, I totally recommend giving Rocksbox a try! If you do, use my code APLUSLIFEXOXO for a free month to try it out!

And that’s my latest Stitch Fix box. I still completely love the company and I still wear my Stitch Fix items regularly. They’re some of my favorite items in my closet now! So I’ll just look forward to trying again with a new box sometime next month!

What do you think of my fix? Would you have kept anything?

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  1. I love the skinny jeans on you. They look like a great fit. Like you, I like the floral pattern, just not on that type of shirt.

    Hope box #12 has lots of keepers!

  2. Two things. 1. I really like button-down tops 🙂 I think they look good on you! What don't you like about them? I will say the sleeve length on the red top looks a bit awkward.
    2. I feel like jeans would be a really hard thing to get in a SF box. Granted, I've never gotten SF so I can't say for sure, but jeans are SO specific and hard to find the right fit, and SF is so expensive anyway that I feel like you could find awesome jeans elsewhere on your own for cheaper that you loved. Hope your next box is better!

  3. I agree I don't like button down shirts either, and am not a huge fan of those "tab" sleeves (however, I will wear them to work). I LOVE the print of that last shirt, too. That sucks that they sent you the same type of shirt though. I like rocksbox as well,but didn't really wanna fork over $20 every month.

  4. I can't believe they sent you three of the same shirt! That is just crazy! And seems a bit lazy on the stylist part. And those skinny jeans look fab on on you! Hopefully next time they'll get it right. What kills me if the $20 loss, which is why I stopped after 1 try. But since i won the stitch fix from you! I'm going to give it another try. Yes I realize it was a while ago, but I wanted to get some summer stuff, so I'm saving it 🙂

  5. Sorry you got a disappointing box! That's crazy to end up with three similar shirts all of which you don't like. Maybe you could make a rule with your stylist for no more button downs. I did like the floral one on you. I'm dreading post baby hair loss/regrowth. It's crazy to have all this new hair coming, hair falling out by the handful and wanting to chop the whole mess off. I will say that if you hadn't mentioned your hair issues I would have never known your hair was giving you trouble. It photographs great so there's always that 🙂

  6. Okay I have to agree with you — this wasn't the best stuff they've sent you at all! I like the jeans on you, both pairs, but I get why you sent them back. Better luck with the next fix!

  7. what a bummer of a fix! i sometimes like those roll tab blouses, but only because they are *normally* long enough for me. none of those are cute though, and you look so unimpressed by them lol. and seriously it is so hard to find proper jeans instead of jeggings!

  8. I hear you on high quality jeans. These days it seems like jeans are always skinny cut and made of a really cheap stretchy material. I like having a few pairs of skinny jeans to wear with tall boots, but it's nice to have a mix of styles. Each year it seems to get tougher to find that mix. And the material issue is inexcusable, especially from higher end stores. Sorry that this box was such a disappointment. I hope that you get some better picks next time around.

  9. Totally bummer it was a dud! I thought those skinny jeans were cute but if you didn't like the material, you would never go for them, and it would be a total waste of money. That's why I sent those jeggings ones back in my last fix too. Hope the next one is better!

  10. I think you look great in those shirts, though! You have a great figure and can pull them off. My friend is a stylist so if I signed up I’d have her as my stylist. I don’t know if I should go for it or not – I don’t wanna risk being mad at my BFF! Plus I have another 20 lbs to lose before I even THINK of buying clothes!

    Long time, no talk from the YBWT group – if you remember me. I started my own blog and was looking at yours for inspiration! It’s beautiful!

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