Stitch Fix Review #15

Hooray! Another Stitch Fix review post!! Obviously, I don’t typically get boxes so close together, but my last box was a total bust so Stitch Fix sent me another box(with MY stylist!) to be able to try again. And I am so glad that they did!

Here is my note from the wonderful Nicole!


Yes, her note made me cry.

Yes, this is the #1 reason why I love Stitch Fix so much(but there are lots of other reasons too!)

So here is what I got in my Nicole has returned from summer vacation box 😉

41Hawthorn Berneen Printed Dolman Top 41Hawthorn Purple Dolman 41Hawthorn Printed Dolman

Nicole knows that I love dolmans and I really, really do! But, unfortunately, I didn’t love this one. The other dolmans that I have kept are cotton and so soft. This fabric was really clingy and stretchy and just didn’t feel good to wear. So while I love the cut and fit and the purple! I didn’t end up keeping this.

Stitch Fix Le Lis Parsons Knit Top Le Lis Parsons Knit Top Le Lis Parsons Knit Top

I was really excited when I saw this top was headed my way! (Because, yes, I do peek at what I’m being sent every single time my box ships!) but then it got here and I saw how HUGE it was. I felt like I was wearing a circus tent!

I don’t wear leggings as pants….so I don’t need huge shirts that cover my butt.

I can’t figure out what’s up with the giant shirt trend because my last few boxes have had huge shirts in them as well. And in this box we actually sized DOWN from what is in my profile and they were STILL huge on me!

Anyway, I loved the idea of the shirt. The stripes + floral was great and I was so glad to get a tank! But, this one just wasn’t the right fit for me(I think)

Stitch Fix Fun2Fun Talula Lace Back Top Fun2Fun Talula Lace Back Top Fun2Fun Talula Lace Back Top

A shirt with buttons on the front. No.

A shirt that shows off my love handles via lace in the back. No.


Stitch Fix Sweet Grey Falin Lace Detail Knit Top Sweet Grey Lace Detail Knit Top Sweet Grey Lace Detail Shirt

This shirt is beautiful! I love the yellow, I love the lace detail(which was also in the back too), I love the short sleeves, but once again….HUGE! You can see that it is almost past my butt and this was a size SMALL.

Also, that price. Eek. Not so much for a cotton shirt!

Stitch Fix Hailey 23 Knit Dress Hailey 23 Kerrigan 2fer Knit Dress

And here is my big winner from this box!! I haven’t gotten a dress from Stitch Fix since my very first box! Typically dresses really aren’t nursing friendly, and I never really dress up other than going to church on Sunday mornings. So dresses aren’t really something that I get a whole lot of use out of. But when I saw this dress I just knew it was a keeper and fell in LOVE!

The navy top(that is nursing friendly!!) + the floral bottom = one happy Courtney!

I was a *little* worried about the top being too revealing so I tossed a cami(from Stitch Fix!) underneath and I was really happy with it.

Nicole messaged me after I checked out and was like “I KNEW you would keep that dress!!” So yeah, she gets me!

Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself? Sign up HERE!

Which of my items would you have kept?


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  1. I love the yellow shirt on you. It looks great, but I totally agree that the price is high for a cotton shirt. The dress look amazing!! Good choice!

  2. That dress is so cute on you! It looks great with a cami underneath. Perfect! I actually like the yellow shirt on you too. I’ve been more into big shirts lately because they just feel more comfortable sometimes, and I don’t think it looks that big (in the photos anyway). But I see why it might feel giant on you, and $54 for a cotton shirt?!? No thanks. I’m glad you got something you love!

  3. I think the floral stripe one looks adorable on you! I’m a fan of the baggy shirt trend right now, but duh do what makes you comfy! And girl please.. You look so skinny in all the outfits! Love that dress!

  4. The dress is AMAZING. It fits you perfectly and how can you go wrong with that smile on your face! And a huge PUH-LEASE with the skinny. You look amazing. More, you are amazing. And those are the facts, Jack.

  5. Laughing at your comments on the lace top. I looove the parsons top and the yellow, bummer they were too big. But, that dress is such a winner!!! It looks ah-mazing on you.

  6. LOVE that dress!! Great find and what a sweet note from your stylist. It’s like she’s your shopping BFF who knows you so well. I am impressed. No clue what the giant shirt trend is all about. The sizing seems to be way off on those big shirts and I’m not sure who they are marketing too with that style/length. Glad you found something you love out of your fix.

  7. Bahahaha “I look skinny in it so it stays”! I like how you think (even though, you don’t just LOOK skinny, you ARE skinny)! I actually love the tank and yellow tee on you and don’t think they look too long. But that’s just me and my style. I love longer tops that cover my wider hips. I do loooove that dress on you! Definitely a winner! P.S. Do you sign up for regular occurring fixes? Is that how you get the same stylist every time? In over 10 fixes, I’ve never had the same stylist, but I also just randomly pick my fix days…like 4 or 5 per year.

  8. You crack me up. I can just tell by your facial expressions in your pictures if you like a piece of clothing or not. That dress does make you look fabulous. I would have kept the stripped tank though…but I am totally on the trend of baggy shirts. I don’t know why, I just like it. They make nursing super easy and I love pairing them with jean shorts.

  9. The floral tank and yellow top were c.u.t.e. But, too big is too big is too big.
    Let’s talk about that dress though. Yes. Yes. Yes. Perfect!!!

  10. I do wear leggings as pants (my work said as long as zee bum is covered) but I am so seeing the baggy shirts get waaaaaay big and sloppy that I hardly wear legings as pants.
    I do love the yellow shirt but have seen the same style at ON and Target so for $54 no thank you.
    And you look super skinny in all the pics-especially the purple with rucheting.
    Thanks for sharing with us as always!

  11. I love that dress on you!! It looks so good! And yay for nursing friendly. That dolman looked super good on you too, but I get not wanting the clingy material. I love that your stylist really tailors it to you! I’ve only had 2 SF boxes so far, but this is making me want to get my next one!

  12. The striped/floral tank is to DIE for on you!! I know it’s all about how you feel in it, but just know it’s totes perfection! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. As a fan of stripes, florals AND loose tops, that tank had it all going on, love! Though, I will say some loose tops have too much fabric and that can feel tent-ish, for sure. That dress!!!

  14. yaaaaay, a better re-do box!! i honestly think i probably would’ve loved that pink and rosey tank, but i do have the tendency to wear things big and slouchy and then i look like i don’t have any pants on underneath. haha! and the dress is so cute on you!!!! yay!!! win!!!! and oh, the thing with the buttons and lace duck feather type of deal in the back… noooo.

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