Stitch Fix Review #16

Hooray! Time for my latest Stitch Fix review!

I mentioned in my note to Nicole(my fabulous and wonderful stylist) that #1 this was my birthday fix and #2 I was looking for pieces to wear this fall! I absolutely LOVED this box and kept it so long as I deliberated back and forth on what to keep that Stitch Fix sent me an email like….hey? So? Do you think you should probably check out soon?

Check it out!


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I have been on the quest for a great pair of jeans to add to my closet for a while now. Pretty much all of my jeans are from high school(gasp!) or at the very least, definitely pre-Abigail. And while I can pat myself on the back for the ability to get them up and on, I can’t say that they are the most flattering for my post two kids, rapidly approaching 30 bod. Which is why I definitely needed to add some new jeans to my closet(andplusalso, I wear jeans literally every day) so I was excited to see that these were coming.

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I waffled back and forth over these because they were just a little too tight in my waist. I’m super super paranoid about rocking a muffin top and so while they looked great with this flowy top(that came in fix #4) I just wasn’t sold. But I did really like them, so I decided to be brave and try out Stitch Fix’s new exchange program. I sized up one size and waited with bated breath that I made the right decision.

And I DID! Moving up one size was absolutely the right choice. They fit like a glove and I’m pretty sure I’m on like…day 4 in a row of wearing them. Stitch fix WIN!

Leo & Nicole Ardie Cable Front Pullover

Leo & Nicole Ardie Cable Front Pullover, Lila Ryan Liza Skinny Jean, Stitch Fix Jeans, Stitch Fix Jeans Skinny, stitch fix, stitch fix outfits, lila ryan brand, lila ryan clothing, lila ryan jeans stitch fix, lila ryan stitch fix, #stitchfix #stitchfixjeans #jeans #skinnyjeans
I was pretty excited about this little number showing up in my box, but it turned out that that’s exactly what it was. Little.
Stitch Fix Cable Front Pullover
I’m wearing a black tank top underneath it, so you can see just how short it was. Nicole and I have discussed what size I should put in my profile because all of the tops in my last few fixes have been SO BIG. Fortunately, the rest of the tops in this fix fit really well by moving down a size, but this was didn’t translate as well. Which was too bad! (But, yes, if I had REALLY been in love with it, I could have easily exchanged it for a bigger size!)

Crescent Mauly Mixed Material Knit Top
Crescent Mauly Mixed Material Knit Top

Y’all know about my current floral love affair. And so does my stylist Nicole!
Stitch Fix Mauly Mixed Material Knit Top
This top was SO cute and such a Courtney piece!
Stitch Fix Floral Sleeved Knit Top
Boy did I ever waffle back and forth over this top, but I ultimately decided that I have other similarly colored tops in my closet for fall and winter, so I sent it back. But I think I might regret it! Ah!

Laila Jayde Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top
Stitch Fix Dolman Top

Another thing that I haven’t been shy about is my love for dolmans. I don’t know, there is just something about them that I love! And Nicole knows that too!
Stitch Fix Laila Jayde Dolman Top
In my last Fix, she sent me one that I wasn’t crazy about. But the burgundy of this one was a TOTAL winner. It was also so soft!
Laila Jayde Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top
Spoiler alert: These are the two items that I kept from this box. And I’ve already worn this outfit around town multiple times(plus shoes, obviously)

Loveappella Whitnee Knit Dress
Stitch Fix Loveappella Whitnee Knit Dress

Honestly, I really loved this dress. I loved the color, I loved the elbow patches, I loved the stripes, I loved how it was casual and that I could wear it with leggings and boots and a scarf and be the quintessential basic fall you know what.
Loveappella Whitnee Knit Dress
Trouble is, this dress was TIGHT. Like, whoa get me my spanx. And if I’m going to be wearing a casual basic girl dress, I don’t want to be rocking my spanx. So after some deliberation and time in front of the mirror, back it went.


Here is the breakdown for those of you curious about prices and such.

So, all in all a totally great fix! I loved this box and was so happy with it. I got to keep two GREAT items that I have already gotten a lot of use out of and already have my next box scheduled for early December! Hooray!

What do you think of this box? What would you have kept?


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  1. I love the two pieces you kept, and I think I would have kept the floral top as well. Your stylist really does know you well!

  2. I love those jeans. I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of skinnies for a while, but haven’t had any luck yet. Yours make me hopeful that there is a good pair out there, they are so cute! And I don’t know how you picked your tops, they are all so cute – that one with the floral sleeves had me swooning. The one you picked to keep was super cute too! I loved this fix too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The jeans are perfect! I think I’m going to beg for them. I got a Lila Ryan straight leg yesterday and I really want skinny. They were so comfy I considered keeping them but I’ll hold out for skinny. Pinning!

  4. Those jeans look great on you! And I LOOOOVE that floral top. I can’t wait until this baby comes so I can have normal fall clothes again and request that! Also, goes to show how different clothes look on people – I got that dolman last year and HATED it, but it looks great on you!

  5. Praise hands for those jeans!! I’m pinning those!
    That floral mixed media is so cute. Pinning that as well.
    And the dolman. YES!!!

  6. Umm your stylist knocked it out of the park with this fix!!!! I LOVE everything. I love those jeans you kept and of course I love the dolman. I am obsessed with them too ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish you would have kept the top with the floral sleeves but if you already have one similar than it makes sense. Maybe your loss is my gain on that one ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

  7. i love the dress but i am with you – i got rid of a similar dress recently because even though it was cute and casual, i felt like a lumpy cow in need of spanx and who wants to wear spanx while doing fall-y casual things? not me. glad the jeans worked out, the new exchange program sounds neat. love love love the blue pullover.. if it was much longer! what the heck! why so short?! weird stitch fix.

  8. I always love your stitch fix posts. You were rocking that dress! Like serious hot mom status. But I agree with you, no spanks for a piece you want to wear for normal outings and life.

  9. Girlfriend, you look absolutely incredible in everything!! What are you doing? Teach me your ways!! Those jeans are awesome! And I really love that floral sleeve top! I might have to ask for that in my next fix!

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