Postpartum Stitch Fix: Stitch Fix Reveal #21

I absolutely can’t believe it has been since last May that I got my last Stitch Fix Box! But, I’m finally ready to get back to receiving regular fixes again. They are so much fun for me and I always love blogging about them! Hopefully you guys like reading about them too 🙂 I always like seeing what other people get!

So anyway, my wonderful stylist Nicole M. put together an amazing Postpartum Stitch Fix box for me!

I told her that I wanted pieces that were nursing friendly, casual for wearing around the house, and looser fitting because I’m still losing my baby weight. Specifically, things like leggings, tunics, and sweaters.

Here is what she sent me!

Postpartum Stitch Fix Box

RD Style Montoya Open Cardigan

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Talk about love at burgundy sweater! Obviously, this is a favorite color of mine so I was instantly excited about it. It’s warm, has pockets, and the sleeves are nice and long. They can be worn cuffed or down- which I love. Basically, it is all around great.

Plus I think it paired pretty nicely with my new boots, favorite pp jeans, and nursing tank!

RD Style Brookie Side Slit Pullover

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I was so, so, so crazy excited about this sweater when I pulled it out of the box. I love the brand, I LOVE the color, I might have squealed when I noticed the side zipper detail. Unfortunately, the fit just wasn’t quite right!

It was too tight across the chest(nursing problems…), and a little too tight in the arms as well. On top of that, it seemed kind of boxy on me.

Sophie Rue Wakefell Wrap Front Pullover

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Another top I was so, so, so excited about! I love the style, love the simple gray- and you guys, I wish you could have felt this top. SO flipping soft. I just wanted to snuggle up in it forever. Unfortunately….boxy again. Just not a great fit for me, at all. Would be amazing for nursing in though!

41 Hawthorn Harlo Contrast Thread Knit Top

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This top was super cute! I liked the stripes and the thumb holes(who doesn’t love thumb holes?) but I didn’t really feel like it was long enough to wear with leggings- which is what I wanted to wear this with.

Not Pictured: MTLA Kristin Fleece Lined Cable Knit Legging

Nicole also sent me a pair of fleece lined leggings- WHERE have I been to have never experienced the wonder that is fleece lined leggings before? They were amazing!! They were dark gray and had a cable knit pattern on them. I didn’t take any pictures with them on because I didn’t think any of the tops I received were long enough to wear with them….and I didn’t have any tops of my own to go with them either!

So, all in all, this ended up being a 1/5 box, but that’s okay! I’m really happy with the one sweater that I kept. Initially I thought I was going to send everything back, but that sweater kept calling to me and after two days in a row of thinking “I’d love to put that sweater on…too bad I’m sending it back” I decided to change my mind. Ha!

Want to try Stitch Fix yourself? Use my link and get your $20 styling fee completely waved! You can try it out for F-R-E-E, which is awesome. They have amazing maternity styles, you can see some of my past maternity fixes here, here, and here. But they also have great regular clothes as well- you can see some of my favorite pieces in this post!

What would you have kept?

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  1. Love everything they sent you especially that white and grey stripe shirt. Wonder if you can request something they sent to someone else?? haha My next one is due in March.

  2. Cute pieces! I liked a few of them on you but if they don’t fit and make you feel like a million bucks, not worth it.
    Thank you for the referral credit waiver! I tried it. We’ll see. I am so picky and stuff fits me weird but I am trying. I know u usually have amazing luck.
    Was this stylist your usual that you love?

  3. That green looks so good on you! I dont think any of the tops made you look boxy but I get it. At least the cardi checked all your keep boxes!

  4. I love your leggings, the gray and white strip top, the booths and the fat shoes. You are so rocking all the tops, but especially the ones I listed.

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