Stitch Fix Review Box #4- I Almost Kept It All!

I had originally planned to not book another Stitch Fix box until Christmastime. But then I remembered that this girl is headed on a trip to Europe soon and that I might need a new thing or two to pack with me. So, November box it was! I loved my Stitch Fix Box #3 so much(in retrospect, kind of kicking myself for not keeping sweater #1!) that I requested the same stylist. The awesome Sophie knocked it out of the park again AND she mentioned that she reads my blog(Hi, Sophie!). I mean, how awesome is that? I wanna hug her. So, anyway, onto Stitch Fix Review Box #4!The sitch on the fix:

  • Log in to and create a style profile.
  • Choose your price range.
  • Pay a $20 styling fee that will go toward anything you order.
  • Then, based off your profile + your pinterest style board, a stylist will send you 5 items for you to try on.
  • The box arrives on your doorstep{mine came during naptime- hallelujah!}, try everything on. Force your husband to take pictures of all of your new clothes{or not}.
  • Checkout online and give very thorough feedback of what you did and didn’t like.
  • If you keep all 5 items you get 25% off
See what I mean about wanting to hug her? I mean, how cute is she?! Best stylist ever.
Another fix, another bathroom mirror. Someday the DSLR will come back out to play. Today was not that day though.
Keon Pocket Detail Airy Knit Cardigan
Keon Pocket Detail Airy Knit Cardigan
I love, love, love, loved this sweater. The burgundy. The pockets. The fit. The shape. This sweater made me squeal with glee when I pulled it out of the box. Unfortunately, notice how the sleeves are too short? UGH. It isn’t supposed to be 3/4 length and I know it would drive me crazy to have an adorable sweater that doesn’t reach my wrists. Such a bummer!
Layla Twin Stripe & Elbow Patch Cardigan
Stitch Fix Elbow Patch Cardigan

This sweater was super cute and a good time. I totally would have kept it to get the discount for keeping my entire box if I hadn’t had the fit issues with two of my items. Since I had to send other things back, I went ahead and sent this cardi back as well.

Glenn Cable Knit Sweater

Glenn Cable Knit Sweater
I knew as soon as I pulled this sweater out of the box that it was going to break my heart. I LOVED the cable knit, I LOVED the red, I LOVED the chunkiness of this sweater, but I could tell immediately that it would be too short. And it was. As you can see, it was also super boxy on me. If this had been longer and looser(I’m thinking paired with skinnies or leggings) it would have been 100% perfect for me. But, as it was, it had to go back(boohoohoo).

Maria Maternity Scoop Neck Eyelet Trim Knit Top

Maria Maternity Scoop Neck Eyelet Trim Knit Top

Another item that I squealed over as I pulled it out of the box! The deep purple is seriously one of my all time favorite clothing colors for myself, I have an obsession with eyelet, and the detailing on this shirt is to die for. Bonus points for being super stretchy and accommodating my rapidly expanding belly. It’s a great shirt that can be dressed up for church or dressed down for every day wear. To say that I love this top would be a HUGE understatement!

 My last item was a 3 pack set of maternity cami tanks. They aren’t pictured because, one, that’s kind of boring, and two, they were all attached and I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep them yet when I took my pictures. But, I decided to keep them because they were actually a good price for the set, they came in white, nude, and black, and they don’t have that annoying and ridiculous built in shelf bra that every other maternity tank puts in. I can’t stand those things, because hello, who really can get away with only a shelf bra? So then you have to wear a regular bra too and it gets all caught on the built in and it’s just annoying as all get out. So yeah, I kept these :p

I can’t believe how close I was to actually keeping everything in my box! Honestly, if there hadn’t been the two small fit issues, I would have kept all 5 items. Which is amazing! Another exciting thing worth mentioning is that these two items are my very first maternity purchases! I sold all of my baby/maternity things years ago so I’m going to have to replace things here and there. It was pretty exciting to get to check out and buy something that is actually for a pregnant person. *tear*What do you think of my box? What would you have kept? (Interested in trying Stitch Fix yourself? Use my referral link HERE!)


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  1. lol I can get away with a shelf bra because my chest is so small.. not when I'm cold though, you really need a bra for that! i LOVE that cable knit sweater but yes, totally agree that it's too short, I hate that! I want a sweater like that and they are all too short on me. Love that eyelet top, gorgeous! you are convincing me to try stitch fix!

  2. I love that eyelet shirt! It's funny that you mention the shelf bras! I actually love getting camis that have them because so many of my bras will show through the cami without them! I only have one nude bra, so even though they are super annoying sometimes, I keep buying them, haha.

  3. That's super great that they're sending out maternity stuff. I still want to do a fix sometime. I'm just not sure when… maybe for my b-day…


  4. I LOVE that maternity sweater that you kept! If it wasn't maternity, I would TOTALLY go find one to buy myself! Great job Sophie! Your post makes me want to try the fix and request Sophie be my stylist…

  5. That last piece! <3

    The boxy one is really odd. What girl likes awkward tops like that? Eep. Love the cardis! I can't get enough sweaters and cardis this time of year.

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