Spena Baby Week 13!

Here we come week 13! Second trimester, I’m comin for you. Feel free to take the nausea and vomiting with you, mmkay? Thanks.

Week 13
I tried to get my weekly bump photo but my first born insisted in hopping into every single photo. I forgive her though, because the pictures Jim took are pretty darned cute 🙂 She’s so excited about the little baby.
Weight Gain | I had a Dr.’s appointment yesterday and I’m still only up 2 pounds, putting my current weight at 132. So, bring it Thanksgiving.
Symptoms | Nausea, gas, an expanding waistline, this really awful taste in my mouth after I eat ANYTHING….and that’s about it.
Cravings/Aversions | No cravings, BUT I am slowly slowly starting to be able to incorporate some previously loved foods back into my diet. High five for being able to eat one egg with dinner last night!
Missing Most | I thought Jim made a margarita the other night and I seriously almost shanked the man. Fortunately, it was just a smoothie and who really cares about those?
Size Of Baby |

Peapod/Peach3 inches

Almost an ounce!

Sleep | Good! Still stomach sleeping and only using the bathroom about once a night. Although I’m still having my crazy dreams.My first words to Jim yesterday morning were, “I had a dream I was in a movie with Christian Bale and he was Charlie Chaplin. It was really weird.”

Workouts | Not yet, but I’ve been able to run a few errands and get out and about and most importantly, off the couch, a few times this week.
Clothing | Still wearing my regular clothes but at the end of the night my pants are definitely ready to be unbuttoned. I’m hoping to maybe score some cute maternity and non maternity items at black Friday sales while we’re in Phoenix next week!
Purchases | Just my Stitch Fix items this week! Although I have started a wish list of wants and needs to fill the crazy gaps of what baby things we have left and what things we got rid of.
Gender | Baby’s heartbeat dropped to 150 this week, so, hmm 🙂 I still think boy! Although, last week when Jim and I were on our date we spent some time discussing baby girl names(because we already have our boy name!). I’ve spent so much of this pregnancy preparing myself for a boy and imagining a little boy that suddenly discussing girl names opened up this possibility of it very much being another little girl. And that made me SO excited and then, really sad. Because I only get to keep one. It’s hard to imagine two little lives and know that in a few weeks we only get to have one of them.Because I’m a baby hoarder and would like both, please and thank you.

Best Moment Of The Week | Hearing the heartbeat on the Doppler for the very first time yesterday! I was praying so hard that my Dr. would find the heartbeat quickly and that there wouldn’t be that dreaded wait time of listening to my own heart beating. God answered that prayer for me. She immediately found that little beat and was looking at the clock to time it. And yeah, 150 bpm 🙂
Looking Forward To | We are headed to Phoenix! I can’t wait to be at my mama’s house, enjoying her food, her hospitality, and the ten minutes in a 97 degree hot tub or less that I’m allowed. Ha!
Until next week 🙂

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  1. i still want a margarita more than anything else in the world. and virgin ones just dont do the trick. sign me up for a giant marg with a heavy dose of tequila come feb 🙂

  2. My little one clocked in at 150 yesterday too:) Yay for that sweet sound – I could listen to it all day long. You are looking great Mama. And doing awesome with the weight gain:)

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