Spena Baby Week 27

Week 27! Can you believe it?! Next stop, third trimester! Which, to be honest, makes me feel kinda super sad. I want to live in second trimester forever. It’s so perfect and makes me so happy and time is passing by so quickly. As excited as I am to meet Miss Mabel(really truly I am!!), I’ve longed to be pregnant for soooo long that I just can’t believe how fast it will be over. Is there someplace I can sign up for the gestation period of an elephant or something just so I can keep her to myself for as long as possible?

Weight Gain | I haven’t weighed myself yet, but I’m not sure which is growing most, my belly or my “nursing fat reserve” aka my love handles. lol.

Symptoms | Basically just peeing alllll the time and looking large and in charge. I look down and think “oh my belly isn’t *that* big” and then I see a full body picture of myself and it’s like “whoa boy.”

I’ve also had a few braxton hicks from time to time. Water and/or going to the bathroom always make them let up. You just keep doin your thing, uterus.

Cravings | Still broccoli and beef! Both things sound SO good to me. I could eat a cheeseburger every day and sometimes I eat so much broccoli in one sitting it shocks me.

Which, the beef thing is funny, because I ate a burger almost every day with Abigail too. Apparently beef is a major pregnancy thing.

Size Of Baby |

Head of cauliflower or a rutabaga(which I’ll confess I have never eaten- and also didn’t know how to spell) 

14 inches and 2ish lbs

Movement | Always. Girl is moving all the time. I can feel her even when I’m busy doing something else and there have been a few times when my Mom or Jim can see her through my clothes having a dance party.

Sleep | Great! I wake up and roll over a lot because I’m working hard at staying on my side and she is always moving when I do. Little girl, when do you sleep? But I’ve been getting plenty of rest and staying comfortable.

Clothing | I ran into my first clothing “issue” this week in Phoenix and California because of the warm weather. I’ve been wearing all of my things and doing great at home in the COLD of Missouri, but with the warm weather I realized I don’t have any shorts or skirts to wear! I had plenty of tops that were versatile and worked, but I was definitely warm in my jeans. Before all is said and done it’ll be time to invest in a few maxi dresses and lightweight skirts and shorts!

Purchases | While at Disneyland this week we got Mabel an adorable Minnie Mouse “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament. I thought it would be a sweet reminder of her first “trip” to Disney and a fun thing to hang on our tree with a little six month old this year!

Nursery | While we’ve been gone Daddy has been hard at work! I don’t have any pictures yet, but rumor has it that her room has been primed and painted and all of the wood and hardware for her closet have been purchased as well. Eep! I can’t wait to get home and get to hanging things on her walls and the rug rolled out. Her room is finally starting to come together! Yay!

Best Part Of The Week | Letting my Mom get to feel her for the first time and laying out in the sun a few days in Phoenix. Mabel loved it(I can tell, because, I’m her Mom) and I’m hoping the UV rays help me look instantly skinny and Gisele style pregnant.

Can’t Wait For | Well, getting home and opening up all of my goodies that have come in the mail since I’ve been gone! And actually, getting my glucose tolerance test done and over with next week. It will be great to have that milestone taken care of!

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  1. As you know… come ten weeks, you will be ready to snuggle her in your arms, instead of your belly. LOL I know you have waited a long time to carry her. I'm so glad you finally have her. 😉

  2. The cutest! I just love your updates…so happy for you, sweet friend! There will be a box of goodies on the way soon…i'm sending a few extras 😉

  3. The time really is flying! Congrats on third trimester, dear!:) You are doing much better than I am – though I am not quite ready for Vivian to arrive, I have to say, I am almost ready to be done carrying her! Pregnancy is SUCH a blessing, but it's been hard work this time around! You look adorable and your Mabel bump is precious:) Vivian moves around a lot too – should we be prepared for very active little newborns??? Eeeep!

  4. You look so great!!! I can't wait to see the nursery. 🙂 I ran into the same problem when I went from Maine to Florida…I just wore gym clothes most of the time – haha!! Enjoy this time…it does fly, but like Liz says, you will want her OUT soon enough!!! xoxo

  5. Looking as cute as ever! Yeah, I probably should have warned you that it was hot here. The weather has been crazy. Raining this past weekend, then hot, and then supposed to rain this weekend. Who knows what you will get! But seriously, time to stock up on those maxis! They are the best thing ever come being pregnant in the summer!

  6. You look so cute! I'm glad you get to enjoy some warmer weather! …I just wish I could have gone to Disneyland too! 🙂 And yes, for the skirts and maxi dresses, I think I'll have to stock up on a few of those for this summer too.

  7. Yes, the second trimester really is so blissful – all the energy, the return of the appetite, the ability to move relatively well. It's the best of them all, and seems to be the one that goes the fastest.
    A Minnie ornament for Christmas – how perfect!!!
    You are looking adorable as ever.

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