Baby Spena Week 37

No labor day baby for us and here we are at early term! It’s nice to know that whenever he comes, he will be fully cooked and ready! Though, I’m all about those last few weeks of brain and lung development, so if he needs to grow for a few weeks more I’m ready and willing(though it will involve lots and lots of grunting, groaning, and waddling)

On Sunday, I had had an extremely weird night of rest, woke up feeling really, really strange and hormonal, and ended up getting super over heated during church service…which made my stomach get upset and other unmentionables happened(all of which happened shortly before I went into labor with my girls) and it had Jim and I looking at each other like- holy cow, this kid could very well be born today.

Thankfully, it passed and nothing more came of it. Whew! Still cooking.

On Labor Day, we sent Abigail to Silver Dollar City for the day with her grandparents and kept Mabel with us for some solo time.

I thought each girl would really enjoy some special attention before baby brother comes- but I’m not sure Mabel liked it at all, lol!! She spent most of the day walking around the house saying, “Where sissy go??”

I think next time I’ll send her to SDC too 😉

But! We were able to check off a whole bunch of house work off we had needed to get done off of our to-do list(nothing like thinking you’re about to go into labor to really light a fire) so we’re pretty much just ready and waiting at this point now!

I had Jim take some pictures of me and Mabel together- something I’ve wanted to do for a while. She is so sweet to hug and kiss my bump, she talks to Finn and usually says, “he sleeping?” (no dearest, he no sleeping)

Anyway, these pictures are really, really sweet and I’m so glad we managed to capture them before brother comes!

This week’s stats!

Progress: At my appointment on Wednesday I was still 50% effaced but had graduated to 3cm dilated! I know it doesn’t mean anything, but it’s nice to get a few painless cm under my belt before the real deal starts 😉

Symptoms: So many braxton hicks- which happen every time I need to pee- which is always. Totally swelling up. My feet and ankles look terribleeeee. Super tired- no nesting energy over here.

Weight Gain: Up a few more….somebody make it stop! Clocking in at 175.

Size Of Baby: Large cantaloupe, swiss chard? Over 6 pounds and 19 inches long. No wonder I’m waddling everywhere!

Movement: All day, every day! He is so, so, so low. Just like how Mabel was at the end. His head is all engaged and stuff anddddd yep.

Sleep: Actually pretty good. It hurts to get up or roll over, but once I get snuggled into my fortress of pillows I sleep really well.

Clothing: Whatever fits. Which is most of my PinkBlush purchases. Though this hot and cold weather is making it super hard to ever get dressed. Maybe I’ll just stick with Jim’s basketball shorts and old t shirts from now on 😉

Purchases: No purchases, but a few sweet baby gifts have shown up in the mail recently! Which is so, so thoughtful. Though, admittedly I always panic and think- oh no- what did I buy and forget about??? Lol! It’s always a relief to see that I didn’t ACTUALLY buy something haha.

Looking Forward To: Getting my GBS results back(I was supposed to have them last week but the lab compromised my sample…so I got to retake it again this week. UGH), sharing Finn’s nursery(hopefully next week!!), and my parents arrive on Wednesday!! Hooray!

EDITED TO ADD: They called me back and my GBS came back negative!!!! Thank goodness! So, so relieved.

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  1. So this is a random question. I have never dilated past a 1 before labor. Does it feel uncomfortable to be dilated for weeks or can you not even tell?

    1. Can’t tell! I was “not even a finger tip” before Abigail and never had any checks with Mabel(so who knows where I was before I had her!) So it has been kind of fun this time around :p but yeah, can’t tell at all.

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