Pizza Made Easy With Lunchables Organic

Oh my sweet Abigail girl. Her current big dream and aspiration in life is to be a chef. But not just any chef- a successful enough chef to be a judge on a cooking show someday, lol!

She is always asking and looking for ways to cook things up in the kitchen. Sometimes as a help to me and sometimes on her own to concoct her very own special “recipes”.

And a lot of the time I am more than happy to let her make a mess and create her very own meals, but some days I am thankful for food that gives her the feeling of creating her very own meal, but is contained, easy to make, and still delicious for her to eat. Thank goodness for Lunchables Organic!

Lunchables Organic is a product that brings together the fun of Lunchables that Abigail already loves, but now with the Organic credentials that I can feel good about!

Lunchables Organic contain USDA certified organic, no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors*!

And because Abigail is SUCH an accomplished pizza chef, she can even help her little sister learn to cook pizza too 😉

Interested in trying Lunchables Organic in your house? Then head on over to your local Target, Kroger, Meijer, or select Albertsons and Safeways to give it a try!

Or you can visit the Lunchables Organic Page and all of their social channels to learn even more!

For even MORE Lunchables Organic fun, check out this sweet video Jim helped put together of the girls and I on a fun pizza adventure!

*See back panel of any Organic Lunchables item for ingredients used to preserve quality.

Do your kiddos love to cook in the kitchen too?

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  1. My son love the pizza lunchables, so I am happy to know they now Have organic lunchables.
    Yes, the video is cute and very creative. Thanks for sharing.

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